Tuesday, February 26, 2008

...across the room for Royalty, The Day After Day 7...

The house is SO QUIET today!  There are still cheerios in the box in the pantry, whole milk in the refrigerator, and from my comfy chair I can spot yet another toy between the wall unit and speaker!  Last week was SO busy, SO tiring, and SO much FUN!  I remember being a young mom of two, weary of all the three word sentences and craving adult interaction and conversation.  At this stage of my life however, I long to explore the minds of these little ones. It really is a learning experience to be reminded of life from their perspective!  I love their way of expressing feelings and thoughts and I have to say that a child's sense of humour is absolutely priceless!  Children bring laughter and love in huge doses into a home.  Nothing can compare to those verbal and demonstrative expressions of love from a child. I miss it already!  I feel like I have lived on a different planet for a week.  It was a refreshing place to be and a good reminder to me of what my daughters are doing every day!  These two precious little people walked across all the rooms of my house many times throughout this past week.  I can still hear the pitter patter of those little feet as they buzzed through the house in a game of hide and seek with Papa.
Inevitably the time came for them to walk out the door for their journey back home.  They did this with smiles on their faces as they looked forward to seeing their Dad, Zac the cat, and the familiar surroundings of their own home.  I know from the relaxed and rejuvenated look on their Mom's face that she is ready to plunge into the routine again and enjoy the pleasure of mothering and family life.  And that's how it should be!

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Anonymous said...

Rejuvinated is right! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I had no idea how much I needed to get away for a little bit until I was gone! How blessed I am to have parents who are willing to stop their lives for a week and spend time with their grandchildren who love them dearly! The kids are already asking for you! It is great to be home and fantastic to have my family all together again. I can't think of a better way to live my life than with them by my side.

Thanks again. Love you both!!!
John, Michele, Declan and Rowan.