Friday, February 22, 2008

...across the room for Royalty, Day 5...

If I have to I can do anything.  I am strong.  I am invincible.  I am WOMAN!  Those are just some of the words from Helen Redy's song of ages ago that for some reason have surfaced in my mind this week.  Today I was thinking that maybe I've got the hang ...... NO, not 'got' ...... getting would be closer to the truth ....  of managing a house and all that entails as well as 'managing' two young charges.  I've often wondered how Sarah of the Old Testament handled having a baby at 80 years of age!  That is a miracle to be sure.  But what about raising that child?  If you have to, you can do anything!!!  I would never have dreamed it was possible to accomplish all I've had to do this week with these two tagging along.  I even went to the paint store to choose a new colour and buy paint!  Play time at the park is still a love/hate activity. Fun while we're there but don't try getting a two year old to leave unless they're ready (I don't how long that is!)  It took two of us to de-claw her off the swing today.  Where do they get their strength from anyway?!
I still got lots of play time in today, laundry washed and folded and a big spread of roast chicken, potato, carrots, peas, salad and home made blueberry pie for dinner tonight, impressing the socks off the painter who wasn't going to stay for dinner until my hubby told him what we were having!
It's been a great day and now I'm beginning to wonder what we'll do for noise when the royal duo leaves Sunday!


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention if they slept last night or not! Did you manage to get any sleep?

Rowan would eat sleep and breathe the park if she could. She loves the swings (I think she's going to end up being my roller coaster buddy!). I'm glad she's had so much fun on the swings with you!

That supper sounds fantastic! I went to a restaurant called Crazy Weeds with Anne and some friends tonight. I had a rib eye steak with a chili crust and truffle butter and on the side there was mushroom salsa and asparagus. Yummy!!!

I'm off to bed. It's a long day tomorrow. Have a wonderful Saturday with the kids. See you on Sunday!

Love, Michele

Jobina said...

No wonder Tim stayed for dinner! I'd stay too! Glad your getting the hang of it and everyone is settling in. I can imagine that a few fingerprints on the windows and mirrors will be kept for a while as reminders. That house is going to feel mighty quiet in a few days!

Stacey said...

Ohhh yum! Dinner sounds delish!
You had to "de-claw" Rowan from the swing? Did I read that right? Or did you get the cat too? Where is the cat??

Elayne said...

Oh yeah, we have so much worse dirt than fingerprints right now.
Rowan is the cat and I de-clawed her in more ways than one since she came! She meows all the time! Some of the time she barks too... a kind of high pitched non-stop bark! Follows me around the house and barks. You just never feel lonely with her around!
She is SO MUCH fun. The craziest sense of humour I have seen in a two year old in a long time.