Wednesday, February 20, 2008

...across the room for Royalty, Day 3....

What I want to know is what are you supposed to do for the rest of the day when you've had breakfast, watched Veggietales, and baked chocolate chip cookies by 9:15 AM?  The days are long when you're always scratching your head trying to think of things to occupy the royal rascals!  Baking cookies with two little helpers (both experts in the field) (apparently!) was an unforgettable experience.  The princess was all about the Bernard Callibaut Chocolate Chips which she clutched to her little chest as she chanted CHOC-LAT CHIPS! CHOC-LAT CHIPS! CHOC-LAT CHIPS! (higher pitch by this time).  The King cracked the egg into the bowl while I wasn't looking.  When I did look there was egg on the princess, on the kings head and clothes, on the counter and very little in the bowl. We started all over again.  Whatever chocolate chips the royal pair didn't eat made it into the cookie dough and all in all they turned out better than expected.  I'm afraid I let them eat too many cookies today!
Thankfully a friend came for coffee today and was well entertained by the King's Knock Knock jokes!  I don't think she'll ever forget some of them.  His favourite is:  KNOCK KNOCK!  who's there?  ICE CREAM SODA!  ice cream soda who?  ICE CREAM (giggle giggle) SODA WHOLE WORLD (giggle giggle uncontrollably) WILL KNOW (giggle giggle)  WHAT A NUT YOU ARE!!!!
Menu's have gone to the dogs by now.  We don't have any in other words.  The King's palate calls for comfort food these days.  Comfort food as in Kraft Dinner and Turkey Hot Dogs for dinner. We servants ate the leftover lasagna we made yesterday.  We all agreed on ice cream and more chocolate chip cookies for dessert though.  I hope the diapers last!
Going to the park is a piece of cake.  Playing on the equipment and swings is no problem either.   Getting out of the park is a complicated exercise.  It usually means me trying to carry a kicking and screaming princess while the King impatiently waits at the locked vehicle.
Nights are the opposite of days.  Short in other words!  I finally realized why I ache all over in the morning.  I think I'm trying so hard not to disturb the little princess that I tense up all night so as not to waker her.  I wake up feeling like I've done a days work!  I thought I might try sleeping in my own bed tonight however for some reason sleep eludes my little bed partner tonight and therefore I took an aspirin and hope not to have to call anyone in the morning!!  May you all have a blessed and restful night!


Jobina said...

Mom, you're cheating! That photo is not from this week! How do I know? Those are my chairs!!!
The days seem long because the kids are outside of their normal routine too. When my kids are without their routine and don't have all their favorite toys around them they get a little hard to entertain too.
It sounds like a fun day though, maybe I should come over and watch Veggietales and bake cookies with you!

Anonymous said...

I know, Jobina! Do you think I can find my camera this week?! Be glad I'm not resorting to baby pictures of them!
By the way, I like your chairs better than mine!

Michele said...

My poor Mom. Will you and that daughter of mine ever get any sleep?! I hope you're napping when she naps. Declan can amuse himself for that long, he's done it before. The other option is to see if Declan is willing to sleep with her. She likes to sleep with him and might sleep right through with him around. If it's a favor to you, he just might do it. At least for one night. I know this won't happen, but try and save some cookies for me! They sound yummy!! I love you!

Stacey said...

hehe Are you sure you want to label that "joys of grandparenting"?? I'm sure you're having the time of your life... they're keeping you young, right?

Mmmmm coookiesss!

I wuv wu too
* *
* * * *
* * *
* *

Stacey said...

that was supposed to be a lovely heart made of asterikses. What happened? It got shmushed after I posted :(