Tuesday, February 5, 2008

...across the room to stay in touch....

....."I really didn't say everything I said"
Yogi Berra
... Did I say I would write another segment?  Segment #2?  I thought I should let my readers and lurkers know that I have not given up on blogging.  After my last entry I began writing about our year away and realized that there is so much to say that it would get too lengthy for this blog.  For many years now I have dreamed of writing a book and I think this may be the year to start the project.  Having said that, I do still plan to write segment #2 about the changes I was talking about.  It seemed that I had to write down all the background information and  preliminaries before I could concentrate on that aspect of our year.  I've been spending a lot of time writing a new talk for an organization I do some speaking for.  It has been completed and approved and I can now concentrate on my book.  I plan to include some excerpts from the book on my blog occasionally so that when it gets published you will all want to buy a copy!  I'm wondering whether you noticed I said "when" and not "if"?
Stay tuned friends!  More to come SOON!


Jobina said...

Wow, I had almost given up checking your blog! Glad you're back!

Stacey said...

I second Jobina's comment! I thought we'd lost you! I'm staying tuned, I'm staying tuned!!!

*waiting patiently*

Mark said...

Great post Mom, I look forward to those book excerpts! Have you given yourself a target for when you will have your bestseller done by?