Thursday, February 7, 2008

...a blonde moment in the life of a brunette....

I was so excited to go to Daytona Beach on our Harley's!  I had heard about it and read about it for years. We were not going there the ever popular bike week I had read so much about, however I was still thrilled to see where all this fun takes place every year.
The area was unfamiliar to me so I lagged behind somewhat in order to read road signs and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about getting too close to my husband's bike.  He prefers that I do not lag TOO far behind so even though I saw many signs I was simply skimming most of them.
I noticed a number of signs regarding "greyhound races" at Daytona.  By the time we arrived at Daytona Beach I was so excited about the possibility of watching these races.  The excitement mounted as I realized the hotel my husband stopped at was right beside the race track!  After we stopped, he was busy beside his bike, on his knees, trying to get something out of his saddle bag when I piped up with "Well one thing I would really like to do while we are here is take in those bus races (for many miles I had visions of those big greyhound buses careening down the race track at Daytona Beach and I couldn't wait to see what that would look like!)  My husband stopped rummaging for a few seconds, looked up at me with a look I never want to see on his face again, and mumbled "THOSE are NOT BUSES!  they are DOGS!!"  I could not believe my ears!  Not once had it occurred to me that greyhound referred to dogs!
What a let down!  Who would want to watch dogs race any way?!


Jobina said...

I love it! That story always gives my laugh-lines a workout!

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing to know that you CAN be ditsy, although you are nothing like a blonde! Hey, Ian's father used to race greyhounds! In Britain it's a HUGE thing to go to the dog races. Live and learn, huh?!

P.S. - you know I'm all behind your book venture! Many blessings with that.

Stacey said...

Ah hahahahahaaa!!! You made milk come out of my nose! Actually I was sipping on coffee... thanks, it's all over my keyboard now! :)

You look so strange as a blonde too. You definitely inherited the "other" colouring in the family! hehe

Too funny. I'm going to giggle all day now. You've inspired me to write down some "blonde" moments on my blog some day. I have certainly had a few! muahhahaha

Michele said...

I never get tired of that story and I still have that crazy hat with the blonde hair attached to it! That story HAS to be in your book!

Pamela said...

I came to your blog from a link on Jobina's blog... what a funny story, thanks for sharing it! What an amazing adventure you must have had being on the road for that long!