Tuesday, February 19, 2008

...across the room for Royalty, Day 2....

Sleeping with royalty in the house is not the same as sleeping without royalty in the house. Since constant attention is required it seemed only fitting last night that the princess share her bed with me.  Unfortunately this translated into less sleep than usual, for me at least, and waking up several times during the night to a little hand holding on to my nose!... something I'm really not used to at all!
Tonight I'm cross-eyed from watching computer games, playing monopoly, figuring out how to play a kids movie on the new television (OK not all THAT new! but why do there have to be so many options?!), reading a million books and the list goes on.  
The afternoon expedition to the park to wear out the royal highnesses didn't seem to affect them as much as it did me.  While I parked my weary body on the couch for a few minutes following our adventure they were fast forwarding around the house!  Where do they get their energy from I ask you?!
Some things will never wear me out though.  I will never weary of hearing "I love you Nana", "I wuv wu Nana", "ALL RIGHT Nana", the feel of little arms around my neck, and the sight of those naked little bodies in the tub and later in their jammies!  That's day two folks!


Anonymous said...

My poor Mommy!!! You're doing great! Think of how skinny you will be at the end of this week from running after those two for so long and how great your bed will feel at the end of the week!

I miss those little arms and the "I love you" and "I wuv wu"! My precious babies sure do love their Grandparents and why not when they're treated like royalty the whole time!

Have a great sleep!!!
Love, Michele

Jobina said...

Isn't it fun to have kids to blog about? It's amazing how many activities they can make you do in one day! Keep it up Nana!