Tuesday, March 4, 2008

...Big Trip Journal Entries....

Not quite ready for segment #2, I thought I would post a few entries from my journal of 2002/2003 on our one year bike excursion!

A P.S. notation on a page near the beginning of our trip:  I dropped my bike today for the first time.  It's OK to say S - - T sometimes!

...in the shower tonight I got close to the shower head to rinse my face.  Next thing I knew my whole world was black.  I couldn't see a thing! ... and my nose was in great pain and burning!  Seems the shower head blew off the pipe and hit me on the nose, breaking the skin!  The black was me closing my eyes!

Found the following description in a Jane Austin novel.  Fanny was describing a brilliant clear night:  "Here's harmony!  Here's repose!  Here's what may leave all painting and music behind, and what poetry only can attempt to describe.  Here's what may tranquillize every care, and lift the heart to rapture!"  (I LOVE the words!)

Springhill, Florida:  We were walking in a residential area and met a big turtle walking in the middle of the street!  Later as we sat by the pool at our hotel Peter saw a lizard and a few minutes later a little green frog jumped onto his leg!  (I'm SO glad that was not my leg because I would have screamed like a wild animal!)

In Marathon, Florida .... we met an old guy at our hotel today who told us we were "Just amazing!  Yet so peculiar and interesting!  Yet strange and dangerous;  and SO exciting!"  He stood in front of us looking so peculiar in his baby bonnet cinched tightly underneath his chin, shorts exposing some very skinny wrinkled knees, exclaiming and talking AT us all the while about how cold it was in the south and totally unfit for biking!  We meet the oddest people some days!

In the French Quarter, New Orleans ... we had beinets at Cafe du Monde, an open sided cafe with pigeons flying through the crowd, walking around my feet and even sitting on the fan almost straight above our heads!  (I include this for those readers aware of my bird phobia!)

...had supper next to the local Harley Shop at a Bar & Grill and discussed how to live holy lives! 


Michele said...

Why do YOU always get hit in the face with things? The shower head, the door at taco time...you should be a little more protective of your face! You have to keep it for a while yet you know!

You have such strange adventures! I love reading about your trip! More, More, More!!!

The Marriage Doctor said...

Hi Elayne,
I'm enjoying the news tidbits you share about yourself and your family. Feels like I'm eavesdropping but sure enjoying it.

Back to your grandkids being there. I only have 1, love it when she's here, happy to see her go, miss her when she's gone. Maybe that's healthy.

Keep writing.

Anne Neufeld

Stacey said...

Those are great exerpts from your journal! I too enjoyed reading about some of your little experiences and can't wait to read more!

Love, Stacey

Jobina said...

I wish I could have seen that old man! what a interesting character he sounded like!
As to the saying S--T sometimes, I can still see and hear Dad in my mind the first time I heard those words fly out of his mouth! I exclaimed at him that he shouldn't say that word and he said, "I just SMASHED my thumb with a HAMMER!!! I can say it!" Ha!!!! I laughed so hard!