Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...across the room and into the past...

Some time after my parents became empty nesters my Mom made a comment that took me by surprise.  She wished that just for one night she could have all her children home for a sleep over.  At that time I thought it was rather odd; she never mentioned it again, and I never thought about it again until today.  After spending two fabulous days with one of my daughters I thought about how much fun it would be to have them both home for a night (though I would certainly let them stay longer!!)
It was like the good old days having just a daughter in the house.  A trip back in time.  I made her bed before she retired for the night; we were in the same bathroom most of the time even though there are three in the house;  she did my hair,  I ironed her shirt sleeves while she was wearing it!, we shared make-up,  went everywhere together, laughed, cried, reminisced, shopped (and as usual, we entertained other shoppers in the stores, something my daughters and I have done all our lives.  That evening we met a lady at a function who had seen us in a store during the day and was still laughing at the things we had said!  How nice to unknowingly brighten someone's day!)  We dressed up and went to a function where all my friends could hear her belt out two songs like I've never heard her sing before.  She was AWESOME!
My daughters don't live in my city so I don't see them as often as I would like to.  I wonder if that is the reason these mother/daughter excursions are so extra special?  Often I wish that we all loved in the same city so we could get together as often as we like.  I think that is still my preference, but since that doesn't seem to be the trend for our family, I will enjoy these times together as often as I can.  I feel SO BLESSED!


Anonymous said...

Thanks SO much for allowing me a tiny glimpse into your lives on Wednesday! Having lunch with you two wasn't what was important. The TIME spent with you was special. However, it made me SO sad for the times I DON'T have with my mom (and 3 sisters). I envy you greatly. Renita

Anonymous said...

Living in the same city WOULD be great! Can you imagine all the things we would do together? I think one day we might all end up in the same city. I don't give up on that dream. I will say that I had a fabulous time at your house! I like carting all my stuff upstairs so that we can do our hair together and talk about the new makeup we just bought. For whatever reason, I really enjoy our bathroom conversations!

Renita, I really enjoyed meeting you! I think I can speak for Mom when I say that you are WELCOME to take a slice of our family for yourself whenever you feel the need for some "sister-type" company! I'll go out for lunch with you ANYTIME! :)

Thanks again for a great couple of days!

Love, Michele

Stacey said...

OK I miss my Mom!

Elayne said...

Michele - if we all LIVED in the same city the men in our lives would get to know one another REALLY well because they would be spending a lot of time together! Ha!
Renita - I say "Ditto" to Michele's remark. Honestly, I almost feel like you are a sister to me by now! We loved our time spent with you.
Stacy - You were so young to lose your Mom. If she was still around she would know Toronto like the back of her hand by now!! She would have loved to visit you there, see all the beautiful sights, shop, eat, and cook for you in your kitchen!! I miss her too.