Monday, May 4, 2009

...across the room to guess what it is.....

I'm hot.  Now I'm cold.  I'm unorganized.  I'm sad.  No, wait, I can't stop laughing.  I'm crying.   I'm angry.  Why was I angry?  Sleep comes quickly and then leaves me stranded with my insomnia. My body needs very little nourishment.  My brain wants mounds of comfort food.  Some days the body wins.  Most times the brain is over powering.  No caffeine?  I'll compromise.  Half and half. Even Starbucks "gets it".  What about the little glass of wine for my hearts sake?  Just one!  I feel like I'm two again.  The operative word in my life is "NO".  No carbs; no caffeine; no stress; no wine; no comforter, sweaters, warm jackets or socks.  No hot spice; no memory;  and no big meals.  No. No! NO!
If you can guess what it is you can have it!!


Jobina said...

I don't want to guess cause I don't want it! At least not yet...hmmm, maybe not ever. Can I just be like Grandma please? Just have one month when "it" is gone and be done with it all? I sure hope your changes make a difference!

Anonymous said...

i'm hoping by the time I reach that age, they'll have found some non painful way of dealing with that. I have no desire to go through that whatsoever. yuck.

You poor Mama...I'll be praying that God will see fit to level off those crazy chemicals in your body that make you such an oxymoron! ;)

I love you!


Anonymous said...

I'm still laughin', but I hear ya!!!!!!!.....PB

Anonymous said...

Dear sister-in-misery! Got it; don't want it either but it certainly is a close runner-up to bloating, cramping, headaches, leaking, mood swings ............. which goes on for WAY more years than this hot/cold/moodiness business does (I hope!)!!!

All in all, it's still a GREAT stage of life to be in!

Elayne said..., I'ld forgotten those other years already and besides we started young and it became part of life. You wanna be a girl, well this is how it's done!
Then when you're finally rid of that part the big "M" raises it's ugly head and BAM! it nails you to the wall shaking, sweating, palpitating, and beats you into a great big emotional, mental and physical mess!
YEP! It's a GREAT stage of life!...let's diapers (except grandbaby diapers!), no babysitters (WE are the baby (dog) sitters), no clock to punch, lunches and coffee with good friends, bike rides, walks, free evenings and weekends...YA, it's all good. REALLY!

Anonymous said...

'Atta girl!! :)

It's all perspective, isn't it?!