Sunday, May 17, 2009

...across the room to fall?

What a day!  Was I always sweating like this when I was a young Mommy or is it just the Nana's that work so hard at looking after these little charges?  I could have used 13 showers today but there was no time for that!  We had things to do and places to visit.
The day started off with a trip to the lake (missed church this morning....sorry Mommy & Daddy) for lunch and a walk-about.  Sadly the little princess fell and wrecked up her knees after which she walked around with her skirt bunched up at her waist exposing her diaper and tummy for all the world to see because nothing and no one could touch those poor knees after that.
By the time we got home she was feeling so incredibly sorry for herself she pretty well put herself down for a nap and slept 2 1/2 hours!
Meanwhile my little guy made friends with "Poppy" the neighbour and as you can see the infatuation is reciprocated!  They have a date for 10:30 AM tomorrow for their second walk.
It took some convincing but they finally agreed to be taken to a different playground than the usual one and ended up loving it.  After begging some cheese for both of them off a family trying to have a private little picnic I scooped up the little princess and took them both home for our very own sausage and pasta picnic.  
We've all had lots of fresh air, plenty of activity, giggles and laughter, and oodles of talks and we are so ready for a good night's sleep.  One of my favourite "talks" tonight was hearing the princess say "This is the best days ever!" and my little man asking how many arms I thought God might have.  Could it be a million?"
Tomorrow they go back home and right now I can't even imagine coming home to an empty house so I won't go there just yet!  

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Anonymous said...

Considering how many people I know who have felt God's arms around them lately, He could very well have a million of them! Too funny! My poor little girl's knees! I would have held my skirt up like that too! And yes, Mom, young Mommy's sweat like that too! Can't wait to see all of you!

Love, Michele