Saturday, May 16, 2009

....across the room for crocs, shades and Royalty....

The Royals have graced our home once again and that usually means the writer suffers from "bleary, dry and burning eyes" for a few days.  By dinner time tonight I wondered if I had ever felt this tired before.  Nothing has changed except for the fact that they're a little older this time.  It just means they' ve got more energy than last time and a lot more than I've ever had!
Requests for breakfast this morning were made last night and included "bacon, eggs and toast, although I won't have any toast"!  I made the toast too.  The itinerary today was written in stone before I had a chance to review it.  "I need a pweasent" meant a trip to the mall for new crocs.  It was easier than anticipated what with the little princess doing all her own negotiating....."Man, can I have Dowa Cwocs?"  and "Man, I need to see dis one!"  and a little later, "Man, I need some shades!"  They entertained the staff enough to leave the store with big fat sugar laden donuts.  One each!  UGG!  Getting the shades required a trek down the mall past the store that sells the dreaded scooters!  Lucky for the little man they were half price and this Nana could not resist!  He's such a natural....just hopped on and started doing stunt-ery type stuff much to this Nana's chagrin!!
McD's is a given for lunch and after that came a special request for the "Pet Store".  Ever tried dragging a three year old away from "fish-ees"?  Let's just say EVERYBODY in the store heard and saw us leave!
Nap time is our, er, my favourite part of the afternoon.  The princess was in dire need of it and it's always a special time for the little man to have some one-on-one Nana time.  We washed the front door, window, one side window which apparently was "extremely dirty" and then we played.  It was mentioned during this playtime that some chocolate chip muffins would be really good to eat out of doors on a sunny day like today!  In twenty-five minutes we munched on chocolate chip muffins INSIDE!  It was illustrated to me how much better they are when dunked in milk!  This Nana is still not convinced.
Next on the aforementioned agenda was a trip to the park they never get tired of going to.  As usual they met new friends and the little princess ended up running after a grown up man pushing him and saying "I'M the king!"  Apparently he was not welcome on the play structure she wanted to play on.  I noticed he just couldn't stay away and enjoyed the "game" as much as she did.  Meanwhile his own three little guys were playing on a different structure with his girlfriend!!  
Dinner was to be at our house and the request was for Nana's soup and hot dogs but without the bun.  The soup was creamed and hid some of the nasty veggies that some people I know would turn their noses up at.  Mushrooms, green beans, celery, onions (YES, onions!) and potato were enthusiastically slurped up!
Dinner was followed by baths and then to end the night a hilarious movie complete with popcorn!  Where do they leave all that food!!
And so once again, my usual orderly house has that decidedly lived in look and I for one would rather see a coffee table laden with little plastic dishes and toys than a fancy candle holder any day!  Sweet dream, little ones!  Tomorrow is another HEAVY day!!


Jobina said...

#1-Declan looks way too cool in his shades! My, but he's a handsome man!
#2-Please may I see pictures of the aformentioned crocs?? Pweese?
#3-what movie??
Isn't being a Nana grand? Enjoy your day tomorrow!

Elayne said...

I haven't taken pictures of the crocs yet. The movie is one that your Dad thought the kids would enjoy and it's called Hoodwinked. Declan thinks it's really funny.
Being a Nana is totally grand by the way!!

Michele said...

That was hilarious! I hate to break it to you but the Royals had the whole weekend planned a week before they got there! That's all they talked about all week!

My kids are too cute in their shades...adorable!

thanks again for taking them for the did them, and us a world of good!

Love you!