Monday, May 18, 2009

...across the room to share a song....

I dropped the grandkids off at their home today and on my way home I was thinking about a conversation I had with my eight year old grandson today.  We had to deal with an "issue" and he needed some time to think about it so he went to "his room" until lunch was ready.  Their's was ready before mine so they thanked Jesus for their food so they could start eating.  When I sat down to eat I guess I prayed a bit long so they wanted to know what I was doing?  I explained I had been praying to which my grandson added "That's what I was doing in my room before".  I asked what he had been praying about and he said "I asked God to help me get out of this mess!"
As I was thinking about this moment I was also praying for him and some other people on my mind.   I find that my car is the best place for me to pray.  No interruptions and I can feel free to express myself in whatever way I want because I really don't pay attention to whether or not other drivers are looking.  They can just think I'm crazy if they want :)   As I was thinking and praying suddenly one particular song in my CD player seemed to play louder than any of the other songs to that point.  It didn't take long and I had tears streaming down my face.  I know, it's not cool to cry and drive ... but hey, when the Spirit moves you just follow His lead!!  I'll try to remember some of the words:

He's ever interceding to the Father for His children.
Yes, He's ever interceding to the Father for His own.
Through Him you can reach the Father,
so bring Him all your heavy burdens.
Yes,  for you He's interceding,
so come boldly to the throne!

Just like sheep we've gone astray
Struggling 'neath the debt we could not pay.
Not ever hoping to renew
the love and fellowship that we once knew.
But He began to intercede -
crying Father please forgive, I plead
And as the nails pierced through His hand
God once again reached out to man.

And He's ever interceding
to the Father for His children.
Yes He's ever interceding to the Father for His own.
Through Him you can reach the Father
so bring Him all your heavy burdens.
Yes for you He's interceding
so come boldly to the throne!

So many times I find I'm almost speechless (hard to believe, I know!) when I am praying.   I was trying to visualize what Jesus  speaking to God on my behalf might look and sound like.  All I can say is I was a mess by the time that song was over!  What a great GOOD MESS!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it, my friend! I know exactly what you mean about being speechless when praying. It's GREAT to know that He intercedes!

Love you much and will miss our walks and talks!

.......till we meet again.

Jobina said...

I love it that Declan was praying in his "room"...he knows where to go for help! I love the song, who sings it?

Elayne said...

I'm missing you already Renita? Are you up in the air yet? Have a great trip!
Jobina, I'm not sure which group sings that song. It's kind of Southern Gospel and truthfully, the voices are not that great but still, the words are!
Yes, I am so glad Declan knows where to go to help sort out his "messes"! So sweet!