Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...across the room and out of the box...

All the fall and winter activities seem to come to an end by May 1st and so it is with the Bible Study I attend Wednesday mornings at my church.  Our last study of the semester is always a good PARTY instead of the usual study.  To mix it up a little we were asked to go shopping this week for an outfit costing not more than $25.  I was not looking forward to this (I just REALLY don't like to try on used clothes!) and confess I did not put much effort into it.  I decided to go to Winner's and did actually find a workout outfit for $25.  
I knew when the fashion show started that I would not be modelling my outfit.  The fashion sense of these women was incredible!  Some had purchased outfits complete with earrings, bracelets, purse (leather none the less!) and shoes, CUTE shoes, and DESIGNER clothes!  My clothes looked SO FRUMPY compared to what these women who put some effort into the assignment looked like and I made up my mind right there that if we ever do this again I will get into the spirit of it and have some fun!
I do have a little problem shopping at places like Value Village and Salvation Army Outlets because I feel like I am snitching clothes from people who HAVE to shop in those places because they can't afford to buy new clothes.  I suppose I could just buy them for the event and then donate them back again and that way I could join in the fun without feeling guilty.
I do draw the line at shoes though.  I just really don't want to wear used shoes.  I think about the "creepy little bugs" that might be lurking in the toe part of the shoe ready to pounce on my toes and give me a fungus outbreak!  ACK!  No can do!
Besides, I made a decision this year to not buy anything I don't need and so tomorrow I think I'll just dig into the back of my closet to see what I haven't worn for awhile and maybe I'll feel like I'm wearing something new to go to work in!
At the end of the day it's good for me to have to get outside the box once in awhile and do something different!


Jobina said...

I like the idea of buying something and then donating it back. That works too. I think it's hilarious that you bought your outfit at Winners, since I see them as expensive a lot of the time! I hope you find a wonderful hidden gem at the back of your closet!!

Anonymous said...

I too think of those little dark (invisible?) crawlies and get put off by shopping in the stores where MANY people shop out of pure necessity. Yes I feel bad about MY snobbishness/prejudice/whatever-you-want-to-call-itness.

"Stepping out of the box" is a good way to put it and would be PLEASING IN HIS SIGHT!

Elayne said...

Jobina...these items were marked waaayyyyy down! I agree, Winners is not that cheap sometimes. did step out of the box and your outfit was awesome (well, it would have been if the skirt had a slit! hahahahaha!) I have a permanent visual of you almost falling off the stage!! Too funny!