Monday, April 20, 2009

We've had a few days to think about those questions I posted but I see that nobody is talking about them.  They are questions that require some thought and introspection to be able to answer truthfully (at least for me that's the way it is).  So.  It's OK, no worries.  I'm still thinking about them too.  
The book I'm reading is called "The Gospel According to Starbucks" by Leonard Sweet.  A disclaimer on the front cover reads "This book has not been authorized by Starbucks Coffee Company"!  He obviously LOVES Starbucks coffee though and suggests that no one stands in those long line ups at Starbucks just to buy a cup of coffee.  People stop for the experience surrounding the cup of coffee. 
I don't think I'll tell you what the book is about.  At least not yet.  However, I would like to post a few more questions from the book for you to ponder:
1.  How do you see meaning and passion in your spiritual life?  What do you engage in regularly that nurtures your soul, your dreams and your passion?
2.  What is present in your life that leaves you feeling incomplete or unfulfilled?
More next time!
PS...I just thought of this.....since I started reading this book I have been to Starbucks A LOT!!


Michele said...

As soon as I read the title, I knew what book you were talking about! I totally want to read that book! The more you talk about it the more interesting it sounds! I'm still thinking on the questions though. ;)

Elayne said...

It's a good book but not something you breeze through quickly so I might be awhile with it. Your welcome to read it after I'm done.
It's a good personal study. Not necessarily something most people would feel comfortable doing in a group study (and by the way people, I don't really expect anyone to answer those questions here. They are meant as food for thought more than anything).