Monday, April 6, 2009

...across the room for Easter thoughts.....

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed what a quiet "holiday" Easter is? Having experienced once again this year the frustrations that this world has created for Christians trying to celebrate Christmas in peace I am amazed that there seems to be no objection to Easter celebrations.  Mind you, the word Easter does not have the name of Christ in it and I suppose that makes all the difference to some?  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not disappointed!  Just a little surprised that we can celebrate a Christian holiday with no interference.  
My Mom was always glad when Good Friday had come and gone and we could celebrate Easter Sunday.  Every year I get a better sense of why she felt that way.  Good Friday was necessary, but so very sad.  That God would have to give His very own Son; that Jesus, God's Son willingly went to the cross; the LOVE that this demonstrates (will I ever REALLY understand such love as this?); and that we could do something so horrific as to nail our Saviour to a cross!  Yet, we all did just that.  We were all essentially in that crowd.  It is important to set aside time to reflect on the cost of our freedom.
Personally I find Christmas easier to celebrate than the 'two-fold' death and resurrection focus of Easter.  It's tough to get ready for Easter when the reality of Good Friday is looming on my heart and mind.  That makes Saturday a definite work day for this girl!  I love cooking a special meal for whoever is at our table Easter Sunday.  I love the excitement surrounding this special day.  "HE IS RISEN" I tell my Dad when he answers the phone every Easter Sunday morning when I call him.  The response from him is always the same "He is risen indeed"!  What a rush for all who have experienced the freedom that comes from having your sins forgiven and your life changed by God Himself!....the Risen Christ!
For some this special season is for giving gifts, stuffed rabbits and chocolate.  I'm so glad that no matter what this world tries to do to change the meaning of the two most significant events of all time, Christmas and Easter; God still sent His Son to be born in the most primitive setting for any King; Jesus still willingly went to the cross for all of us; He still rose from the grave and is ALIVE today; and His love is for all of us.  Nothing and no one can change that.
This Easter season I am more thankful than ever before for the freedom I have because of this great love; for the freedom I have to celebrate without any interference; for the freedom and blessing of family and friends to celebrate the real meaning of Easter with!  My heart is full of gratitude!


Jobina said...

Amen Mom! Easter has got to be my favorite holiday of all time and it's not just all the Lindt bunnies that are out! Good Friday is always so somber and heartbreaking to go through but nothing compares to the joy, celebration and Hallelujah of Easter Sunday!
I got all teary eyed reading your little tradition with Grandpa...HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Michele said...

I second Jobina's comment! I love Easter but I find that I struggle when I see people who either don't know or don't care about the true meaning of Easter. It breaks my heart that they don't realize the incredible gift that was laid out before them on Good Friday and the wonderous, awesome power of an Almighty God that was displayed on Easter Sunday. Such a fantastic time to remember and be thankful for the most precious of all gifts...I can't wait to share it with you!