Monday, April 13, 2009

...across the room to hear my name....

Trying to prolong the Easter weekend I decided to read the story again.  Does something different grab you every time you read it?  That's just how the Bible seems to work.  It's God talking to us after all so it stands to reason that we'll see something different every time we read it depending on what is happening in our lives.  I'm not saying that the actual meaning changes.  It's just that something different may catch my attention each time I read the same chapter.
This time it was the part where Mary Magdalene is weeping outside the tomb because the stone has been rolled away exposing the empty tomb.  First she spoke to the two angels seated where Jesus' body had been.  Hmmmm, those angels don't seem to freak her out at all!!  Then she turned and saw Jesus, although she did not recognize Him.  He asked her why she was crying and who she was looking for, yet she still did not recognize Him. Then He called her by name "Mary".  This was all He said.  Immediately she recognized who He was.
I wish that I would always respond to Jesus as though He is calling my name.  Like Mary, I wish that I would IMMEDIATELY recognize Him when He calls my name and respond just as quickly as she did so as  to not waste any time wondering where He is.  I want to remember that He is as close as the mention of my name (that's a bit of twist on the title of a song "He's as close as the mention of HIS name" .... I'm not being sac-religious!).  He is always right there...calling me by my name.  Elayne.  I hope you had a meaningful Easter.  It is finished.  He is ALIVE!

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