Monday, July 7, 2008

...across the room to celebrate....

*Canada Day!  Canada...our HOME land.  Whenever we leave our Country for awhile I enjoy my time away but I have to say that when I cross back into Canada I feel a sense of relief, rest, and safety as I immerse myself in familiar territory once again.  Canada is home to me and I love living here.  We are so blessed to live with all the freedoms of this country.  God keep our land, glorious and FREE!  
We celebrated with family this year as we enjoyed a fabulous dinner out on a restaurant patio and then joined many of our city folk to watch the fireworks.  It felt much like a great big family gathering and it was a very special day.


Stacey said...

I felt that way after I did my east coast trip. I could say I'd seen my country from coast to coast and it made me feet more patriotic then I'd ever felt before! I am very proudly Canadian! The fireworks were spectacular along the lake in Toronto this year and it's like your birthday... they keep celebrating it all week... every night since last weekend I have had a "show" from my balcony!

Stacey said...

made me 'feet' more patriotic? Oh my someone needs sleep.

Sorry for all the spelling and language errors I left on your blog. I enjoyed your updates!