Friday, July 25, 2008

...across the room to let you know "they're back"!!

....the grandbabies, that is!  The two hour ride seemed shorter than usual and definitely more entertaining than my CD's.  I love to look at my surroundings through the eyes of a two year old.  The conversation went something like this:
Rowan:  Oh look Nana.  It's a choo-choo!  
Nana:  Yes, Rowan I see the choo-choo.
Rowan:  Oh no Nana.  Where da choo-choo go?
Nana:  The choo-choo went away.
Rowan:  Oh look Nana.  It's a twee!
Nana:  Yes, Rowan, there's a tree.
Rowan:  Oh no Nana.  Where da twee go?
Nana:  The tree is behind us.
Rowan:  Oh look Nana.  It's a big twuck!
Nana:  Yes, Rowan, I see the big twuck, er, truck.
Rowan:  OH NO Nana, where da twuck go?
Nana:  The truck is going bye-bye.
Rowan looking out at a huge wheat field:  Oh look Nana.  Sticks!
....and on and on and on.....

She is at this moment safely tucked in bed while her "big" brother gets to stay up later and chat!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA!! That's funny! I love how she's getting more and more talkative every day. How nice for Declan that he had some one on one time with you in the evening! I hope he has a great time this weekend! I went to bed at 8pm and didn't get up till 9 this morning! Apparently I was tired! I looking forward to a wonderful spa day with my hubby today. Talk to you soon! Love, Michele