Thursday, July 10, 2008

....across the room over and over and over and over...

Our quiet, peaceful, relatively neat retreat has recently become a den of music, Ratatouille replays, squeals and shrieks of laughter, tea parties, ping pong games and bed time routine revamping!  Our refrigerator  is bulging with chocolate puddings, apple juice, cheese, M & M's, cookies and other delectables people our age should be ashamed to have in the house.   I don't even want to talk about what lurks in the pantry!  They like candles even more than we do....especially extinguishing them!  I probably lit the kitchen table candles ten times during our last meal.  Declan is a pro at roasting wieners with Papa; Rowan's idea of hot dogs is to eat the bun around the wiener  corn on the cob style until all that's left is the whole wiener!  I'm to eat that part!  She has no ice cream cone issues though.  My apologies to her Mom for not wiping the ketchup off her face before taking pictures!  
My days seem to have so many more hours in them now.  We were up and about by 6:20 AM, made Papa's bag lunch, ate breakfast, and dressed for our 7:45 AM walk in the park with my friends. Normally I grab my running shoes and socks (or one shoe and two socks, or two shoes and one sock...the other sock is often on the driveway when I get back home!) and dash out the door to meet my friends.  Today we transferred the car seats from the car to the truck, put the stroller on the box, made six trips back and forth from the house to the truck, from the car to the truck, from the garage to the truck, from the shed to the truck before we finally got going. Our walk was delayed by wrist protectors, knee protectors, elbow protectors, helmet, and roller blades which my friend patiently helped the little man with.  Suffice it to say the walk seemed so much longer than our usual hour.  We came home, packed a picnic lunch and made our way to another city park.  (Note to self:  Do not spread picnic lunch for two year old in plain sight of playground EVER!)  Two hours of lunch and running back and forth to catch Rowan coming down the slide and pushing Declan on the swings, running after Rowan from station to station, I was about ready to convulse!  We maneuvered out of our parking spot with much unsolicited advice, ducking and sucking in of breath by a seven year old who thought we would fall into the woods with the back end of the truck!  It caused a set back for me and brought on a case of hot flashes I have not experienced before!  Thank the Lord for nap times.  I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer and I needed an energy infusion.  Unfortunately seven year olds don't nap, and don't realize naps in four minute intervals are mostly disturbing.  I love bath time.  I make sure the two little rascals are safely tucked into their beds, fast asleep before I slip into my big soaker tub for a good long muscle relaxing soak (reminder:  add epsom salts next time!).          


Stacey said...

That picture of Declan and Peter sitting on the ground is just way too precious!

I love to hear about your tales of grandparenting! It sounds like it both exhausts you and keeps you young! You should consider a one-woman comedy stand up about this. Too funny!

Maybe you need a BAG of epsom salts next time! teehee

Stacey said...

curious... is that a fan I see on your OUTDOOR patio? Is that to help with hot flashes? :) Wouldn't it be better to stay inside in the air conditioning? haha

Elayne said...

I knew SOMEBODY would ask about that fan. No it's not for the hot flashes although I don't mind the extra breeze! Ha!
We have those tiny little sand flies in Alberta and the fan helps keep them at bay while we eat.
Glad you enjoy the commentary. They really are a delightful duo. Very sweet and easy to have around!

Michele said...

Stace is right, you should do a stand up comedy routine! Next time you're looking for jokes to start your talks, just read one of your grandparenting blogs!!! While you've been running like a chicken with your head cut off, John and I have been eating out every night, going to bed early, talking and sleeping. It's been fabulous and much needed!!! I can't thank you enough for taking them so John and I could have an anniversary alone. I haven't touched my house to clean it, nor do I plan to. I'm enjoying my husband! How precious this time is. Thank you thank you thank you for loving my children the way you do! It brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart to the brim to see you with them. You are precious people in their lives and they are beyond blessed to have you. I love you!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Elayne, you and Peter really ARE great grandparents! Your stories make me realize how "difficult" it must have been for my grandparents to take three of us for a month at a time - in the summer. We were a bit older, but still...... Great memories!