Saturday, October 10, 2009

...across the room to share my reading.....

I am really enjoying the works of Oswald Chambers and the fact that his writing is so closely based on the Scriptures. I just want to share some of my readings this week......I like how He describes our condition and our need: "Sin is a fundamental relationship; it is not a wrong doing, it is wrong BEING, deliberate and emphatic independence of God. Other religions deal with SINS...the Bible alone deals with SIN. The Bible reveals that Jesus took upon Himself the heredity of SIN, not our fleshly sins. Jesus Christ rehabilitated the human race; He put it back to where God designed it to be and ANYONE can enter into union with God on the ground of what Our Lord has done on the Cross."
This week I had a conversation with a young lady who talked about praying the "sinners prayer" as though they are magic words that will set us right with God. We talked about salvation being a matter of the heart. So many people seem to be satisfied that they have "said the sinner's prayer" and yet they wonder why their life seems so empty. God isn't there for them. Faith doesn't work for them. Prayers are never answered the way they want them answered. Nothing works! They don't realize that when their hearts are not right with God nothing will happen. As soon as they turn their eyes off God in an act of disobedience and sin their world becomes dark again. Chambers goes on to say that if there is anything that we have not cleaned up in our lives we will not go any further until we are willing to do what the Holy Spirit reveals to us. If He is convicting us of our habitual lies, deceit, broken promises, willful disobedience, we need to take that step of obedience and clean this stuff up and make right our relationship with Him. Chambers says "obey God in the thing He shows you and ... heaven opens and the profoundest truths of God are your straight away!"

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