Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...across the room to scream Part 2....

Well, since my last post I have spoken with a few dear souls who were brave enough to share how they changed their immediate responses! Apparently it is possible and after thinking about it some more I realized that I have also changed some of my initial responses out of necessity!
One of those (not that I've completely arrived yet, but I'm feeling very positive that I soon will have this one conquered) is the habit of sucking in my breath when my husband is at the wheel. Although he has patiently explained for years now that he has no idea what sucking in my breath means when he's at the wheel (most of the time he thinks one of us is about to die) I simply cannot find words for the moment so I suck in my breath! Usually it means I think he is going to wreck my vehicle in some way! Last weekend, instead of sucking in my breath, I cautioned him in what I classified as a definite yet quite audible whisper, "No, NO, NO!" as I cowered beneath the dash of the car when I saw a vehicle rapidly approach our back end as we were leaving our parking spot. Again, it was my immediate response. For me it felt like a healthy change from the immobilizing breath sucking!
Another immediate response of mine (I don't know why I feel I have to tell all my secrets suddenly...ON my blog yet!) is to stand in front of the waste basket cabinet door whenever my husband walks into the room to throw something into the waste basket. It's not that I even know he needs to open that door or wants to throw something away, it's just where I stand when he walks into the kitchen! I do it every time. I can't seem to help myself. The door is under the sink. Why would I stand in front of the oven or refrigerator when he walks into the kitchen. Seems kind of silly. I stand in front of the sink. I'm feeling very strongly that I need to change my position though and will have to come up with a solution. Soon!
And finally, my husband says that when he needs to get my attention all he has to do is go to the bathroom. He claims that as soon as he walks in there, I'm right behind him. It's not like we don't have any other bathrooms in the house. I walk into which ever bathroom he is in! Go figure! It just seems that whenever he walks in there I have something I need to say to him! Before I forget, or before he disappears somewhere in the house that's inconvenient for me!
In retrospect, it's really all about learning to live together, wouldn't you say?


Jobina said...

oh Mom, I laughed so hard I almost spit out my lunch! I would give anything to just suck in my breath! When something bad is gonna happen and I really want to say something I end up with a nice long string of pure gibberish coming out of my mouth.
Oh, and the garbage is classic! Love it!
Mark has a great knack for walking into whatever area I just passed gas's not a bathroom but it's close!

Elayne said...

Oh no! You and your baby NEED that lunch! LOL
Yes, Mark has remarked on his uncanny ability to walk through your "cloud"! LOL