Wednesday, September 16, 2009

...across the room to the kitchen with love......

Let's face it. I just simply love to bake. Pastry dough is one of my favourite to work with and I also enjoy working with yeast dough. It's the texture for me. There's so much satisfaction in getting it just right. When the texture is right you know the outcome is going to be fantastic! I know I inherited this interest from my Mom. What a baker she was!
In the O.R. where my husband works the tradition is that when your birthday comes around you bring your own cake. That way no one gets left out and if you do it's your own fault! So guess who gets to make the cake? The problem is I'm not crazy about making cakes and we're not crazy about eating them either.
So I make tarts! Tomorrow happens to be that special day at our house and that means that I spent a good part of the evening in the kitchen and this was the result of my creativity. You're looking at pear, apple, blueberry and chocolate/meringue tarts. We've sampled the pear (oh MY!), blueberry (much complimenting from the birthday boy!) and chocolate/meringue (oh YES!).
Happy Birthday my Darling!


Renee said...

They looked good just from the picture alone! And then you started describing them....mmmnnn! They sound so yummy! If you are looking for a subject for your next post, perhaps sharing the recipe for your tarts would be a thought. And if you are looking for a "subject" for taste testing, I'm available! I like to help in any way I can!!

Jobina said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!! Enjoy those treats! They look yummy!

Joyce D. said...

yummmooo,it sure looks good!!Well now you got me thinking about what you said in an earlier post,about Costco...I'll be going there today.And I think exactly like you do ,love the produce but always ,in such big amounts.But P& J are coming for a couple of days(a funeral) and so I'm sure it will get eaten.Enjoy your writing!!

Anonymous said...

mmm good; Even your pickles sound delicious. If you have too many jars of them I know someone who would like to taste them and the goodies too. I think you made way too much just for yourselves. Say Happy Birthday to Peter. Henny

Anonymous said...

Good job Elayne! The tarts all LOOK and SOUND wonderful (tasting)! I LOVE to eat pie and tarts but just can't make pastry worth a darn. Even the "no fail" pastry needs a sledge hammer to get through it! (I'm not kidding!!).

May Peter have a healthy and enjoyable new year ahead of him and may you, Elayne, enjoy it with him!


Elayne said...

Renee - more and more I'm turning into the kind of cook/baker who might look at recipes but never actually follow one. I don't measure and I add and delete unashamedly! So I'm sorry but I don't have recipes for any of that except the pastry dough and the chocolate filling. I do not add sugar to my egg whites for meringue...just a pinch of salt, beat them to death, add a touch of vanilla and bake them until they are dry. Thanks for offering to sample (if any come back home tonight I'll be sure to call you first and then your Mom! LOL!
Jobina - I've already received a text saying they're a great hit! I think this year he got to taste his own "birthday cake"!
Joyce - thanks for checking out my blog
Henny - Apparently we have to wait 2 mo. before we sample those dills (Do you know ANYONE that waits that long?!)
Renita - we'll just have to have a pie making "coffee" one of these days and you'll see how simple it is.