Thursday, September 3, 2009

...across the room for sustenance!....

A friend of mine recently, in the most nasal voice she could manage, made this comment from the old "Saturday Night Live" programs "There's ALWAYS SOMETHING, isn't there?!"
It seems we can toodle (my spell check wants me to insert noodle in there LOL) merrily along for awhile and then BAMM, something happens that wipes that smug smile off our face, shakes us up for awhile, and stirs up some fear and various other killer emotions. As I was rumbling around the country on my motorbike this summer I was thinking about my own life and how I have changed from panicking every time something happens to experiencing this underlying peace that lets me know that ultimately I do not control my life and those around me and I don't have to take on that responsibility. God reminded me of a scripture verse where He tells us
"Peace I leave with you. MY peace I give to you!"
This is not a peace that we can create for ourselves. It is a gift from God. I realized that day on my bike what a precious gift this is that He gives us.
In Jeremiah 16:16 we read
"Your words are what sustain me. They bring me great joy and are my heart's delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty."
Just as we need nourishment for our bodies from food to sustain us, the spiritual part of us, our soul needs to be sustained as well.
I read the other day that since our souls were created by the breath of God, it is the Word of God, the Bible which is "God breathed" that sustains our souls. So just as we eat food every day to stay alive, grow strong and healthy, we need to feast on His Words each day to sustain our souls. That way when we face obstacles, hardship, pain and difficulty in our lives, His peace will permeate our very being and keep us in spite of what is happening all around us.
I wrote in my journal one day "What, but total trust and faith in God through our frustrations in life could bring both peace and pain at the same time?! The pain comes from not understanding why things happen in spite of our praying and pleading and the peace comes from trusting God and believing that He is sovereign, in control and is doing what is best."
I want to honour God with my life by sitting at His table and filling up on all the goodness He has prepared for my soul!

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