Sunday, August 23, 2009

...across the room to remember a little song.....

We arrived in Oregon today and made our way up the coastal highway taking in scenes such as this along the way. I don't know when I've ever enjoyed the ocean as much as I have on this trip. The wind, cooler temps, annoying motor homes, truck/trailer combos etc. didn't even get to me! We found interesting places to stop and little sea side restaurants and coffee shops to unwind and talk about the scenery and the ride.
As I looked across the water as far as the eye can see I was reminded of a song I learned when I was a kid...."Wide, wide as the ocean, high as the heavens above; deep, deep as the deepest sea, is my Saviour's love. I, though so unworthy, still am a child of His care; for His Word teaches me, that His love reaches me EVERYWHERE!"
I couldn't believe I remembered all the words to this little song. Actually I remembered them better than I used to sing them. When I was a kid, not thinking about the words, just enjoying the melody, I used to sing "I, no so unworthy!" I also used to sing "True patrot love, in all our signs command" during the singing of "O Canada"! I could go on! I was always more interested in the melody than the words! Today however, the words spoke to me. That water is looks so enormous, sounds so strong, and seems to be everywhere at the same time. I sang this little song and basked in the assurance of God's great love for me no matter where I am. As another song says "He's as close as the mention of His name". It was a sweet moment in the middle of my day to be reminded of God's love through a song I learned as a kid.
Parents, I hope you don't think that taking your children to church and sunday school every sunday is a chore or not important. The scripture they learn there through memorization or songs or in stories will speak to them throughout their lives. It will get them out of tough situations, help them make the right choices and draw them to God. Throughout my life God has used what I learned as a child in sunday school and church in my life to teach, help and encourage me. Make the sacrifice, take the time, and remember, children learn by example. While I was in church or sunday school my parents were there as well. You'll never be sorry for putting in the effort to be a spiritual leader and example to your children.

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