Monday, August 24, 2009

...across the room to make some notes...

The day started off with a nerve-wracking ride across a 7 km. bridge laden with various and sundry road kill.
We kept turning in the wrong direction although in the end it turned out to be the right direction. I was having one of those days where left felt right again.
I wanted to stay in the town where we had lunch because the food was just that good.
We stopped to buy a set of head phones for the GPS and a guy came to talk to us. He asked where we were from and then told us that he came down from heaven in 1972 but he only told special people about that and we were special people.
Our GPS kept telling us to go right so we went around the block.
We finally found a beautiful Hampton Inn, Starbucks and Olive Garden all in the same town.
We stayed!
It was a very good day!


Mark said...

awww, you're special! Glad to hear that you guys are having a great time!

Jobina said...

actually, the last comment was Jobina, not Mark!

Elayne said...

Oh! I'm disappointed! i had never heard Mark talk quite like that before! LOL!!