Monday, July 13, 2009

...across the room for a sermon...

I was reminded again yesterday that my God is a God of order. He is not about chaos and confusion. If you have read my last two blogs you will see that I have been through a valley in my life. I have experienced Psalm 23 in a very real way recently. God showed Himself to be faithful and a present help in my time of trouble. He used His Scriptures to lead me through my troubles and also to encourage me. Then on Sunday He used a sermon to put it all into perspective! "Where Is God In My Darkness" was the title of the sermon. I immediately rummaged through my purse for my pen because I knew I was going to hear from God. In our darkness we often don't look for God because we're too busy trying to find our own way. He referred to that period of time as "Pain of life without God". Once a person has known what it is like to have God in one's life there is no satisfaction of life without acknowledging Him. We thirst for that relationship when we allow something to come between us and Him and we are broken because of losing what used to be. Discouragement sets in as well as a sense of isolation because suddenly we feel abandoned even though we are the one that has done the abandoning! We experience an overwhelming sense of helplessness when the pressure of the situation is uninterrupted and we feel lost, as though we're living without any direction. Exhaustion sets in, and I think that could be mental, emotional and physical. We've gone from a spiritual high to a spiritual low because we've pushed God away in a sense and we really feel that distancing. I'm amazed at how just one area of disobedience or sin in our lives will cause us to feel so disconnected from God. I really do not like to go there!
To restore our life with God we have to recognize the problem and admit where we are at. It is good to remember the past experiences with God as they will encourage and strengthen us. We have to make intentional choices like eating, sleeping properly and surrounding ourselves with people who will lift us up instead of drag us down. Committing ourselves to a life of worship and trusting in God who has told us He will never leave us or forsake us will restore our life with God.
If we have ever had a relationship with God and then leave Him out for a period of time we will find that we really miss Him and the only cure for our darkness is to turn back to Him by repenting and accepting His forgiveness and embracing His love and grace.
That's a very abbreviated version of the message in our church on Sunday. I thought it was great! It was for me! Thank you Lord for showing me one more time how intimately you know me, what I need and what is best for me!


Renee said...

Thank you for sharing this message today. I think I will try and get a copy of that sermon and listen to it because it sounds like something I'd like to hear. I thank you for your willingness to share. Your words are a blessing to me.

Elayne said...

The timing of this message was just perfect for me Sunday Renee. I'm happy to share my life on this blog and even more glad when it helps someone else!
May God continue to comfort and strengthen you on your journey.