Monday, July 27, 2009

....across the room to share my family......

There was at least one goofy looking person in every picture we took this weekend so I'll have to post more than one. We should know not to take pictures at the END of a long day! Next time we will get that over with closer to the beginning of the day. It was our great pleasure to finally get our family together for at least one day this weekend. These four little ones do not see each other often and yet they got along famously except for a very popular pretty pair of pink shoes that kept getting "stolen" because "I just wanted to look like a bootiful pwincess"!

During the day all the males in the family took in the Alberta Air Show and had a fantastic time while the women lunched, napped and talked our faces off like most women do when they get together after a long absence! The month for birthdays in our family is definitely July so that was our excuse to have a yummy birthday cake after a scrumptious dinner of potato salad, garden salad, and chicken and pork kabobs on the BBQ.

Later the driveway got decorated with sidewalk chalk and we were even able to get the new kites up in the air. It seems like the entire day was a buzz of activity, chatter, lots of laughter and expressions of love for one another. Considering how I can weep about anything these days I'm surprised I can see my screen right now! I feel so blessed to have such a loving and wonderful family!


Jobina said...

That kind of day doesn't happen often enough and it sure was fun to get together during the summer for a change! Michele and John were wonderful hosts for us and I'm sure it wasn't quite as effortless as they made it look! As we drove away we both agreed that it was a short but GREAT trip!

Michele said...

That was a FABULOUS day and we LOVED having everyone over! What fun to sit and chat and not be in any hurry to do was great to sit on the front step and watch the kids play with the water hose...even more fun to plaster all our names on the driveway in sidewalk chalk and have the kids guess who was who. While it's never long enough, it was still a great visit! I hope you will all come again soon!!!!