Tuesday, March 10, 2009

...across the room to share my reading.....

BACK TO THE SHEEP.  I read in my book that before they're done grazing for the day sheep often seem to want to have that one last tuft of grass that is hard to reach and they will take their lives in their own hands (hoofs?) to get it.  They might climb down steep cliffs only to slip and fall into the water, or push their way into a maze of wild thorny roses or brambles where they get stuck and have to wait for the shepherd to come pull them out.  I imagine they must leave behind a fair pile of wool getting out of a situation like that.  The author illustrates so well how we as Christians often do the same type of things that simply paralyse us to the point where we cannot even call for help.  He tells us that Jesus, our Shepherd then comes to our rescue:
"Many of our jams and impasses are of our own making.  In stubborn, self-willed, self-assertion we keep pushing ourselves into a situation where we cannot extricate ourselves.  Then in tenderness, compassion and care our Shepherd comes to us.  He draws near and in tenderness lifts us by His Spirit out of the difficulty and dilemma.  What patience God has with us!  What long suffering and compassion!  What forgiveness!"

He encourages us to stay near to Christ, the one safe place we have to go.  That way we won't be picked off by the "predator" like those "roamers" in a flock of sheep who are always looking beyond the safety of the shepherd.  Generally attackers like cougars have come and gone before the shepherd is even aware of him and so it is with our enemy, Satan.  His cunning ways snare us unawares leaving lives of men and women in ruin.  But if we stick close to Jesus through a committed relationship with Him, talking with Him, and letting Him talk to us He will protect us.

I'm really enjoying this book "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23".  Can you tell?!


Michele said...

So true, isn't it? We can be part of the "flock" and still be so close to the edge that we are prime bait for the "wolf" to snag us. A great reminder that just being a sheep in a flock isn't enough, we need to stay close to our Shepherd and work on that relationship everyday.

Thanks Mom!

Jobina said...

weird how our situations can so totally reflect the life of a sheep! And yes, I can tell that you're getting into that book! It has some really good things to say.