Monday, March 2, 2009

...across the room for coffee with you.....

Time for a little break!  This morning was such a flurry of activity I hardly had time to breathe.  I snapped awake at 6:50 AM, hurried off to the kitchen to put together a yummy bag lunch for my hubby, including the usual peeled, sectioned orange (I can do this with my eyes closed by now!).  As soon as he was out the door I cooked my bowl of delicious oatmeal with a cut up apple and lots of cinnamon in it.  I'm out of maple syrup so I added a little brown sugar.  Not bad but not as good as the syrup.  After that I made sure the kitchen, TV room, and bathroom were
spotless for the photographer who was coming to take pictures for a website for the company that did our house reno.  The sun and a few friends were waiting for me at the park at 9 AM for our one hour walk and after that I made a quick stop (well I thought it would be quick!) at the storage unit to pay our fee.  I rushed home to vacuum the house which left me with twenty minutes to take a shower, do my hair and make-up before the photographer showed up!  By the time he arrived my coffee was brewing and the need to sit was overwhelming!  That brings me to my blog!! 

I don't usually read the NLT version of the Bible but this morning I did and this is the verse I read "Have I looked at the sun shining in the skies, or the moon walking down its silver pathway, and been secretly enticed to worship them?  If so, I should be punished by the judges, for it would mean I had denied the God of heaven."  Job 31:26-28

As we walked in the sunshine this morning, the snow sparkling like diamonds, I just couldn't help but thank God for reminding me to worship HIM, the One who created all this awesome beauty we take for granted every day.  What a masterpiece this universe is!

The unwearied sun, from day to day
Does His Creator's power display,
And publishes to every land
The work of an Almighty hand.
                                                            Joseph Addison 

Thanks for coffee-ing with me today!!
(The picture is my sisters and I enjoying a good cup of coffee and bonding in Toronto!)



Jobina said...

Good reminder Mom!
At my last Coffee Connections one of the ladies was sharing about how her husband had wanted to get into regular quiet time with God but he was having a hard time figuring out what time would work for him. He figured out that he loves to wake up to the smell of coffee so he bought himself a coffee maker with a programmable timer and set it for 1/2 an hour before he usually got up. Now every morning he gets up and has coffee with God!
I'll be thinking about that verse when I go outside or look out of my window!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed having coffee with you today Elayne. Especially the little talk you gave us. I am about to go for my walk and I know I'll be thinking about what you said. Thanks for sharing that.