Saturday, September 6, 2008

....across the room to re-connect again.....

I'M BACK!  I hardly know how to 're-enter' this blog after a five week hiatus.  So perhaps I should do a little mini series?
For today, just know my vacation has come to an end and I'm ready to connect with my friends and family.  I came home to a basil plant that looked like it had been feasting on a hormone diet and the ivy in the urn and surrounding foliage was unrecognizable as mine as well.  Our gardener once told friends of mine that not only did I not have a green thumb, mine are black!!  I'm so glad there are good people out there who can keep my plants alive while I tear around the country on my Harley without a care in the world!!
Next time I'll share with you my summer reading adventures so STAY TUNED!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful plants, Elayne.

Love, Me

Elayne said...

Glad you like my plants. Who are you, annonymous?