Sunday, September 21, 2008

...across the room for the birthday guy again....

You simply haven't celebrated your birthday properly until there are some little people in the picture and today was the day.  We simply placed a token number of candles on the cake and tried to keep them lit long enough for a picture.  It wasn't easy as you can tell by the death grip on little Miss Rowan who firmly believes that all lit candles must be extinguished immediately!
Tonight we feasted on roast chicken and potatoes, BBQ roasted veggies, asian cabbage salad, and banana chocolate coffee cake.  The little bouquet of fresh flowers and basil is compliments of Miss Rowan who cannot keep her busy little hands out of my flower bed.    I think she did a nice job of of colours! 
It's been a fabulous week of celebrating this amazing man who we all love, cherish and adore. Thanks Michele, John, Declan and Rowan for coming out to celebrate with us just one more time!  I can't think of how to fill those cake baking hours this coming week!!


Michele said...

It was fun and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! The ride home in sheets of rain was a little tense, but we're home, safe and sound, and stuffed to the gills with your amazing cooking! Happy Birthday Dad! Hope it was your best ever!

Jobina said...

Good thing Dad has those long fingers to keep Rowan out of the candles! You can never have too much celebrating, especially when you're celebrating Dad!