Wednesday, September 17, 2008

...across the room for the birthday guy....

I love to celebrate birthdays .... especially my guy's birthday.  He is happy with anything I arrange for his birthday, never asking for or demanding anything.  It's so easy and it makes me want to try harder every year to celebrate "properly".  So this year was an extra special birthday and by this morning I had baked my third cake.  The first one was to celebrate with his buddy whose birthday was Monday.  I brought this chocolate sheet cake with chocolate pecan frosting.  YUMMMMYYYYY!  Then there was the cake for the co-workers (at his place of work you bring the cake for your birthday and that way nobody is forgotten!!). Tonight I made a special dinner for him (BBQ New York Strip Loin topped with a jumbo cajun spiced prawn, mushrooms on the side, pan fried potatoes, asparagus with lemon dill sauce, and spinach strawberry salad).  I had to stall the dessert because I had invited some friends to join us for 'cake number three'.  The look on his face when friends Wayne and Celine showed up at the door and said "we just thought we'ld come over", meanwhile handing him a card was priceless. He still didn't realize they were invited.  The next couple Keith and Helen showed up on their Harley, making all kinds of noise outside but he didn't believe it was a motorbike....he thought he heard a helicopter!!  They came to the door asking if we wanted to join them for a ride on the bikes which he declined because our other friends were here.  By the time Brad and Lois arrived he had it all figured out.  What fun for me!!  They all helped us eat cake number three as we talked our faces off, laughed a whole lot and just celebrated one absolutely amazing person. Happy Birthday Baby!!


Jobina said...

When I was on the phone with Dad I actually said, "so, are you having a bunch of...(insert pause due to my recognition that it was supposed to be a surprise!)...uh, so are you having a big party?"
I almost gave it away!
I love it that you suprised him, that he got three cakes and that in the picture he's sitting in "his" chair!I missed you both so much yesterday! I'm glad it was fantastic though. And now, if we ever celebrate my birthday together, we're not going to a restaurant, I know exactly what I want my birthday menu to be! Yum!

Elayne said...

We wish you could have been here. Riker thinks he should here when Papa takes his helicopter ride so maybe you'll have to try for that?!!
Yes, the surprise of our friends was my favourite part of the day. It was the perfect ending to a big day!!
Too bad you couldn't see his face when he was chatting with you and the kids!! Having his daughters and grandbabies call I think was his favourite part of the day!!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks fabulous! YUMMY!! I could have used a meal like that...although anything you make is amazing!

So cool that Dad was surprised! Glad he had an awesome day and that you pulled one over on him!

Love you both!