Friday, May 23, 2008 invasion of sorts #4...

Sigh!  It's my last day here at the palace!  Of course by now I've realized that I'M the one invading THEIR space.  They know where everything is and how things are normally done. Suddenly a person who usually simply plays with them is left in charge!  This rubs some little people the wrong way at times.  I do notice the little smirks when I let them know that "Mommy told me..." and then we get along just great!  
The multi-talented Cinderella by the way, is also a poet.  She loves to add a line or two to everything that's said and the last words of the lines always rhyme.  Today she made up a little song as she was playing outside. She called it "Jesus Is With Us".......  "Jesus is with us, He is always here.  Even when we pollinate, Jesus is  with me every time!"  It's so good it doesn't need to rhyme!  We can conclude she knows about the bees.  I doubt very much she knows about the birds too!!  It was a coincidence I'm sure but it almost left me blushing and wondering if the neighbour next door heard her!!
Taking them out of town on an outing today confirmed to me once again that mother's really do need eyes in the back of their heads (growing up, my daughters were almost convinced I did have them!) as well as six arms and hands!  I never realized how much entertainment a public bathroom can be!  For instance did you know that:   standing under the hand dryer will set it off every time? a five year old can get 5 paper towels from an automatic paper towel dispenser before you can stop him?  and while you're setting him straight the three year old can repeat the offense?  and just as you've washed and dried all the hands, but before you can make it out the door the three year old goes and touches the toilet seat AGAIN?!  and while you're washing her hands the five year old escapes and runs down the hallway into the mall?!  Are you getting a visual of this?  My visuals always come in cartoon form.  Oh how I wish I could sketch!!
One thing I know.  The days are never long when you share them with a three year old and a five year old and the tired is a good kind of tired!
I have had an awesome week with my royal charges!  


Anonymous said...

You DID have eyes in the back of your head and I'm convinced you had way more arms and legs than any human should ever have!

I love the song, Trin! Keep making music!

That bathroom story is hilarious! I could totally imagine every step! Hope you had fun in Steinbach! Give Mark and Jobina a huge kiss and hug from me tomorrow!

Love, Michele

Stacey said...

ha! I enjoyed those posts! Glad you had fun with the kids. So I guess you're going back home to get some rest now? ;)

Elayne said...

I'm back home and lovin' it! One day short of three weeks from home is a LONG time and although I had comfortable accommodations all around there is nothing as comfortable as my own bed!!
I am missing those two little rascals already and need only close my eyes to see their beautiful faces and hear their voices. Thanks, Riker and Trinity for an exciting and action packed week!!

Stacey said...

I was waiting for some sort of closure to this little escapade you were on. But it sounds like you barely have had any downtime since you got back! Vacations are so much work, aren't they? ha. Would love to have heard you speak... ah well, hopefully some day, or you can blog about it (hint) ;)