Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...an invasion of sorts #1 ....

I kept checking the kitchen window to see when they would arrive and was surprised to see Prince Riker running towards the house with Cinderella (by the way, my  new name is "Snow White" ... well, it's better than "The Wicked Stepmother, isn't it?!!) on his heels.  I felt so prepped, prepared and ready for them so you can well imagine how I  felt when the first thing he said to me was "Nana, you left the keys in door!"  Sure enough!  The keys had been in the dead bolt lock ALL NIGHT ... an open invitation to the neighbourhood!  GREAT start!  I'M supposed to be the responsible one protecting my little charges!  My confidence in my capabilities sank even lower later when the BACK DOOR blew open.  Seems I forgot to secure the dead bolt on that door as well!  Let's recap.  Since I've taken charge of this house I have broken a bathroom water tap, the kitchen sink stopper and left both doors open for intruders during the night!  Things can only improve from here on!
In the bath last night Cinderella assured me she would not squirt water from her new "fishy" on the floor because "I want to impwess my mommy and daddy so they will be happy with me!" I take it her brother was not "impwessed" with her at all today when I heard him warn her "Don't taunt me!"
It is busy and noisy during the day to the point of exhaustion (MINE not theirs) but now as I sit here in the dark with my scented candles burning up the remaining smell of our delicious pasta dinner I rather miss those two little bodies and all the chit chat of the day.  Sleep well sweet babes!  I'll see you in the morning!

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Anonymous said...

I hope Jobina and Mark have really good house insurance!!! Sounds like the royals are letting you know what's what in that house! I guess Snow White is an appropriate name considering she was the servant of her home until she ran away. DON'T EAT ANY APPLES!!! And watch out for those dwarfs...they're stinkers!

Love you!