Wednesday, May 21, 2008 intrusion of sorts #2....

As I sat down to review the last three days I've realized that they have brought about some very noticeable changes in me.  I talk different (Cinderella taught me a new word today "squimbled" which she explained means "twisted", feel different (I would call it "combinational exhaustion"... meaning both physically and mentally!) and I look different (my eyes have never been this red before!). 
I've been sitting at my computer for the past 30 minutes and keep waking up with my chin on my chest!  And it's ONLY 9 PM!  The dishes are still waiting for me in the kitchen but my little charges are dreaming sweet dreams by now.  I loved Cinderella's prayer tonight.  I read them a story about David and Saul - a lesson on being kind.  Her prayer was "Dear Jesus, please help me to be kind like David.  Thank you for being here.  I LOVE your words!"
I feel a little squimbled tonight so I am cleaning the kitchen so I can get in a few more hours of rest tonight!
I'll be BACK!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Nana you are! In spite of your exhaustion (your word!) you retain excitement, a sense of wonder and great humor! I'll put your blog address onto our laptop which we are taking to Scotland, and look forward to continuing on your adventure! Love you!!

Elayne said...

Enjoy YOUR adventure, dear friend!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nana! I hope that squimbled feeling goes away so that you can be awake to enjoy those little royals! have the most beautiful way of praying! I can just tell that you mean every word and you pray right from your toes! You are a prayer warrior and I love you for it! Keep praying girl!

Close those eyelids Mom, you've earned a good sleep!

Love you!