Thursday, May 22, 2008 invasion of sorts #3 ....

Some days I just don't think!  An example would be:  You do not take a 5 and 3 year old for a quick trip to the grocery store so you can hurry home to get lunch on the table so the 5 year old can quickly eat before catching the bus to K!  I KNOW that but somehow it does not sink in until it is too late.  I remembered it the minute I let them both have a "little shopper's cart" at Sobey's today!  One of the check out clerks gave us a strange look as we picked them up and headed toward the entrance, back into the store.  We set off some sort of alarm as I headed through the doors with my eager shoppers.  By the time I had saved several fellow shoppers from a severe case of "little shopper's cart welts" I was so wrecked I thought I'ld hurl my breakfast in the produce department!  When I muttered something to the effect that "I will NEVER do this again!"  I had to look into four big innocent eyes to explain why!  "Because Nana has no time to look at the food....I am too busy watching where you two are going!"
After dinner it seemed important to do it all again.  This time at the mall!  By now I was completely calm and confident in my ability to stay in control!  One thing these two understand is rules.  So we agreed on a few rules.  1.  The minute anyone cries because they do not get their way we LEAVE the store (both are nodding enthusiastically).  2.  If something is too expensive we have to agree on a different thing (yes, but we WILL get SOMETHING.  Yes, I agree, they will get something.)  3. We will be respectful and kind (lots of nodding and "yes's" in unison).
UNBELIEVABLE!  These two model shoppers could not have been better behaved or more well mannered.  They made me SO PROUD!  
Had to take Cinderella with me to the bank where she was fed candy by the staff.  Before we left she made sure I understood that we would not tell her brother that she got candy.  Oddly enough she had forgotten her vow by the time he came home from K as I heard her apologetically  confess "the lady had a little jar (it was HUGE!) and she offered me two candies!"  We play a lot while her brother is at K.  I ALWAYS have to be sick.  I'm told when to cough, when to cry, whether I'm in pain, and if I have a fever.  Today she finally told me "Your faith has healed you.  Don't tell anyone I did it!"  Then she left to walk "on the river".  You guessed it!  She was Jesus and apparently I was an "Inciple" and needed to follow her wherever she went!
What an interesting pair!  So loveable!  So passionate about EVERYTHING!  So free to express themselves!  The spontaneous "I love you, Nana" expression is the one I hear long after they are tucked in for the night.  Sleep well you little rascals!!


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Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! That was funny! If you have days where you don't know what to do for lunch before the kids go to school, do what Jobina and I do...make Kraft Dinner! You have way to much of a mind for health these days! You could make fried bologna like you used to and they'd probably love it! Grocery shopping only happens when both kids have no where to go for a very long time! Sheesh! We're going to have to remind you of these things!

I remember playing Jesus with Jobina when we were kids. We preferred to play John the Baptist though. We'd baptize each other and anyone else who'd let us when we'd go to the public pool! Who knows how many people were unknowingly baptized in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost during our childhood!

Jobina and Mark are home tomorrow, I can hardly believe it! Enjoy this last day with those grandbabies!

I love you!