Thursday, June 2, 2011

...across the room to share my poem...

Ode To Menopause

It seems absurd

the things I do

mistakes I make

to name a few

I laugh and blame

it on my “roots”

when shoes don’t match

or was it my boots?

The thing is this

it’s not that bad

until the FLUSH

turns my body red

and makes me feel

like hitting and biting

kicking and screaming

yelling and fighting

the stresses of life

are deadly for me

soaked to the bone

even behind my knees

take a few pills

is the advice I get

how would they know

I’ld be filled with regret

zombie filled days

don’t turn my crank

I’ll deal with the sweat

to be quite frank

just hand me a kleenex

no, make that a towel

when you see the beads

running down to my jowls

soaking my clothes

from the sweat of my brow

I’m having a moment

don’t touch me, NOT NOW!


Renita said...

Hahahahaha! LOVE it! Did you create this masterpiece, Elayne?! It simply sounds just like you (complaining about being wet behind the knees!).

Elayne said...

Oh my goodness...yes I did Renita...and you KNOW you could have too! LOL!!

Kathy said...

You are to funny--I will never forget the story about you sisters filling up your gas tank--around Christmas one year. All of you had never done it and had to go in and ask the clerk how to do it! You should post that story--halarious! you are a great story teller! Your grandkids must just love it!

Elayne said...

OK Kathy now you are placing me in Phill's catagory...I didn't know she was trying to figure out how to fill up her car until she asked me! She was almost frozen by the time she came to ask for help! LOL!
And then there's the "Running Bear" story! We does one stop? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Great poem, Elayne. It is so true. I hope there is some let up in the near future... without pills.


Anonymous said...
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Cool! that was really an awesome poem indeed.