Sunday, May 8, 2011

...across the room to admit my condition....

The evening was so beautiful my husband and I decided to go for a nice long walk following an early dinner and movie tonight.
I thought it was warm enough to wear my fancy red STRETCH WALKER sandals I bought last year that I never had a chance to wear in. Every time I wore these sandals last summer the strap would rub on my ankle bone, or the bottom of my fibula malleolus, the lateral bone of my ankle! Don't ask!
Remembering the aggravation this footwear caused me all summer and wanting desperately to be able to wear them this year since I paid an arm and a leg for them I came up with what I thought was a great solution to my problem. I decided I could insert an insole into each sandal that would lift my foot enough to give the ankle bone a little extra height and give me a chance to wear them in!
We headed out for our walk downtown enjoying the fresh air, scenery, and the people along the way. Conversation on our walks varies a lot and today we seemed to cover many topics. For some time now I've been trying to come up with an interesting personal licence plate for my Harley. We discussed whether I wanted the plate to describe me or just simply say something unique, funny or interesting. I said if I were to choose a plate that would describe me it would have to say something about my "blonde roots". As a brunette I just simply have entirely too many "blonde moments"! That's when it happened! AGAIN!
We were on our way back home when I told my husband I had a pebble in my shoe that I needed to get out. He looked down at my feet and said "Well, that's not all that's coming out of your shoes!" I looked down only to find what you are seeing on this picture! My insoles were working their way out of my shoes and were flopping behind me with each step I took! A teenage girl with a big smile on her face had just passed us on her bicycle. I remember thinking she must be enjoying this beautiful evening just as much as we were! We had a good laugh as I instinctively yanked the insoles from my sandals! As we continued our walk I told my husband I had been thinking people were smiling at me because they were admiring my pretty Harley T-Shirt :)
Since today is Mother's Day I thought I needed to post this little story in honor of my mother who would have such a great laugh at my blonde moment. She would relate because she had them as well. The good thing was that she shared these moments with me so we could enjoy a good laugh together. I guess I inherited my condition from her. Happy Mother's Day in heaven Mom. Have a laugh on me today!!


Michele said...

HAHAHA!!!! I only laugh because I have totally inherited your "blonde moments"! That is completely something that would happen to me! Glad you had fun and great conversation with Dad...what a nice way to spend the day! If the insoles work for you, you may want to consider getting a shoe repair person to glue some in there for ya! :)

Renita said...

Oh Elayne!!! You NEVER cease to amuse me (and bless me at the same time!)!!

From the photo, I actually thought those white insoles were pantyliners and you were trying to make some point with them!!! (Maybe that's MY "blonde moment"). I'm glad I read the "rest of the story" for an explanation.

Katie O. said...

I thought they were pantyliners too!! Before I read it I thought "Oh please don't let this be a new fad!" lol This is a great post but why is it in red italic? my brain just about exploded. lol Still a very entertaining entry!

espresso-cup said...
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