Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...across the room, out of the mouths of babes.....

Some time ago when I was visiting at my daughter's home I asked my granddaughter to write and perform a song about prayer for me. To sweeten the request I told her I would pay to attend her 'concert' :)
The smile on her face stretched ear to ear, eyes wide with the wonder of her good fortune! She shot across the kitchen in record time, down the stairs and into the solace of her room. This Nana had almost forgotten the need to slot a very special concert into her afternoon when this spunky six year old bounded up the stairs and into the kitchen. She headed straight for my purse, found my wallet and brought it to me! After all, there was a price to be paid for this great pleasure! Downstairs she found the perfect stage, a large cedar chest, and front row seats for her Nana. Much fidgeting ensued when it dawned on her that my eyes would be on her alone with no distractions and that she was the star of the show with no help from anyone. When I finally convinced her that I would love her song simply because she, MY granddaughter wrote it she began to sing in a very soft, hesitant, very girly voice as I followed the words on the sheet she wrote on:
In mi bed
I pra to God
I tel him a bot mi dey
When I m don
He ses to me
I have lovd
you forevr!

or in my spelling:
In my bed
I pray to God
I tell him about my day
When I am done
He says to me
I have loved
you forever!

Out of the mouths of babes, hey? I may have to keep that piece of paper forEVR!! :)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful to know that SHE KNOWS that God loves her?


Renita said...

It truly IS amazing how she instinctively KNOWS that God HAS loved us forever! It's a given that He DOES love us and WILL love us but for her to KNOW that He HAS loved us forever (past and future in one sentence!!) is a truth that transcends time! Mind-boggling really. : )

Jobina said...

I needed a smile today, thanks! Gotta love the spelling, the child faith and the pure joy!