Wednesday, February 17, 2010

....across the room to share Mexico with you....

A few weeks ago I did something I have never done before. Most of my vacationing has been on my motorbike, touring across the countryside, relaxing in a different hotel every night and covering a lot of territory in the span of two to four weeks at a time. This year I decided to join my sister-in-law on a tropical get away to PV, Mexico. Since we had never travelled together and since I had never been to Mexico or any resort, I decided one week would be long enough for me. My husband suggested I book this trip through AMA because if anything happened to me (like the aircraft disappearing into the ocean!) he would get a good amount of insurance! Always the jokester! Everybody won because I hooked up with the BEST travel agent ever. She seemed to understand what I was after and found the perfect package for me. The perfect package was a 5 Star Riu all inclusive resort. Nothing to worry about...everything done for you! I should add here that I have never gone on vacation least not something like this. I have travelled alone extensively but not to a vacation spot. I've always vacationed with my husband who looks after all the details! That's a loaded sentence, really! I've been so spoiled by having my doors opened for me, meals paid, packages carried, elevator buttons pushed, and the list goes on. In other words, I am married to a real gentleman!
I used the park 'n fly to store my car for the week and got a ride to the airport hotel attached to the airport where we had booked a room for a few hours. We had to be at the airport by 3:30 AM! The next morning as we were getting ready to go through security I realized that I was on my way to Mexico without my prescription sunglasses which I had left in my car. A great start to my holiday! I knew I'ld be shopping for a hat almost immediately!
I am so embarrassed about those poor bell boys! Once they took charge of my bags I forgot all about them. They carried all that extra poundage we had to pay a total of $130 to even be allowed on the plane and I forgot all about the tip! Shame on me! My mind was completely occupied and focused on hanging on to my passport, tickets, carry on bag and purse and not lose my traveling companion.
My husband says it doesn't matter what building we are in, when we walk out the door or get out of the elevator I turn left! For me LEFT is RIGHT! With no one to guide me I cannot tell you how many times I had the two of us taking the long way around to where we really wanted to be! We were given strange looks in the elevator when neither of us selected the floor we wanted to go to. My most embarrassing moment had to be trying to get used to Mexican currency. I insulted a waiter by leaving a miniscule tip, realizing what I did, handing him another bill that only added insult to injury, all the while thinking I was being really generous! SO EMBARRASSING!
If you've been to Mexico you will know that many of their buildings are built without any windows and as few walls as possible. This includes restaurants. Those of you who know me well know of my debilitating bird phobia and my embarrassing habit of ducking and sometimes yelling as a bird flies by me a bit too close for my comfort. You can only imagine my discomfort at the dining room table with birds circling around above me on the fans, sitting on the backs of chairs, eyeing my food, probably wondering when I'ld ever leave and whether I would leave something on my plate for them! Shudder! As I was para sailing two pelicans were circling around me causing me a little anxiety as well! Those birds are bigger than birds need be!
Out of necessity I did learn where every bathroom on the resort was without taking the long way around! Let me just say I was thankful for a good memory!
What a learning experience for me! I must ago again so I can prove to myself that I can learn to be a generous, independent, responsible tourist! It won't be an all inclusive next time. I think I'm just too adventurous for that type of vacation though I probably need the protection and security!!
Muchas Gracias for a great learning experience and a few hours of sun Mexico!


Jobina said...

What an adventure Mom! I can just picture you standing in an elevator waiting for someone else to press the button for you! Dad has treated you very well all these years! I'd love to hear about how you would change your adventure to better suit who you are. I still can't believe you went parasailing, pelicans or no pelicans!

Michele said...

Soooooo fun!!! I would have loved to have been there! I think we should do a Mom and daughter trip! What say you, Mexico Mom?! :p

Elayne said...

Jobina: As soon as I saw someone else parasailing I knew I had to try it too! I was after a real retreat and found the all inclusive party atmosphere too busy for my liking this time around. I was after that lazy days of summer feeling and didn't get that there. I think I would just rent a condo or even a house next time and do my own thing.
Michele: I'ld be all for a mother/daughter trip!!