Tuesday, January 5, 2010

...across the room for contemplation & revelation!

Thanks to an amazing quality cold I brought with me on my Christmas travels I have been worming my way into the New Year inch by inch rather than the usual frantic
start! It seems time has stood still for me. The clock has almost stopped in my achey little world. Since it would not be kind to spread this around I choose to keep my pluggy drippy puffy nose and face in the shelter of my own four walls for the duration. It's not all bad though. For the few minutes every day that my head feels clear there is time for introspection, review and reading. I've even taken time to complete yet another 'get to know you better' form that some friends send occasionally. The questions are rather mindless, requiring little or no thought at all, and so it was with this most recent form.
HOWEVER (you knew this was coming, didn't you?!). After I sent the form back to my friend I thought about my answers and realized something rather interesting about myself. Considering the Type A, rather opinionated, passionate person I am, I found my answers to be quite passive. Not what I would have expected of me! It made me wonder what's happened to me!
OK, I do have a bad cold and the only thing I feel really passionate about is getting rid of it. I have little energy or ambition these days. Still, I don't think I would change any of my answers next week or in a month.
I don't have a favourite brand of clothing and I have no place in particular I can think of to retire to when we retire. There is no day on the calendar I am looking forward to more than today and I don't like one season more than the next....I like all four. I can't choose between chocolate and vanilla; hugs or kisses; salty or sweet because I like both and I don't have a favourite day of the week. Out of the sixty questions I just didn't seem to have a lot of favourites or must have's of any one thing. My first thought was "what is wrong with me!" But as I reviewed the questions in my mind I came to the conclusion that I have finally evolved into a more content person than I used to be! And extremely blessed! This year I honestly could not come up with a single idea to help my husband with his Christmas shopping. I don't need anything. It's not that I have everything. Last year I made a conscious effort to curb my spending and I wonder if that constant reminder that I don't need to buy everything I like each time I went shopping is finally making a difference. (Coughing intermission!) All year I came across things I could use but did not have to have and therefore did not need to buy. It was a great exercise for me and I love the outcome!
There are other aspects to contentment and I may just need to do another segment next time.


Anonymous said...

Elayne, I have to admit that I've seen a change in you as well! You ARE much more content and it gives a sense of greater "stability" in your life. I WAS going to say "placid" rather than content, but you are NOT placid. You still have likes and dislikes and you have no problems in letting people know about them!

Your "contentment" gives me a clearer picture of the real you. Once in a while I could see how you would be dragged along by a stronger personality than you, even though it wasn't "you"! But now you have come more into the sense (or perhaps realization)of who God created you to be ....... the unique YOU! As you revel in it, I do too!


Jobina said...

what a great "problem" to have...no favorites!

Elayne said...

Placid? No that would not be be. LOL
I'm always happy to hear other's notice change in me. Thanks Renita!
I do have some favorites Jobina. I think it just isn't that important to me or something like that. It really did surprise me because for the past six months or so I noticed how very strongly I felt about some things and how intolerant I seemed to be. Could one chuck THAT up to menopausal moments at least?! LOL So much to take into consideration. Maybe I just need to not take too much about me too seriously these days. err weeks. errr months. YEARS?! May it NOT BE SO! Not YEARS!

Michele said...

So THAT's where I get it from! I don't have a whole lot of favorites either. I'm opinionated, oh yes I am, but the things on that list just aren't big enough things for me to want to form an opinion right now - that just seems like too much work! Besides, if you only like one season, or one day of the week, or whatever, you miss out on all the cool things that can happen the other days and seasons! Enjoy each day and embrace what God gives you that day...it's amazing what can happen!