Wednesday, December 31, 2008

.... across the room to reminisce....

While many have recycled their Christmas trees and cleaned up all the decorations in order to turn a new page and ring in the New Year I am enjoying the quiet of my home, surrounded by all the Christmas decor I love so much. Today is my chance to relax and review all the busyness of the season in order to let the memories take root for recollection down the road.
There were some very special moments with our little family this year. There was good conversation, lots of laughs, squeals of delight, hugs and kisses of thanks, and we haven't even mentioned the food yet! Lots of it! Too much as usual!
We really do have royalty in our family. There are two little princesses usually decked out in tiara's, large sparkly earrings, necklaces, rings, and of course, high heeled shoes! There is play make-up too. Purses complete the brightly coloured outfits. They are so adorable! The boys are warriors, fighter pilots, and well, all things boy! The adults try to have meaningful conversation above the sounds of motor noises, clicking of heels on the hardwood floors, battlefield noise, little mommy and baby sounds, the Christmas Train, and 'silly songs', among others. There is dancing, twirling of big skirts, transformers and bionicle's being propelled throughout the house and occasionally a rousing game of ping pong downstairs!
Meals are usually rushed because some little person is usually REALLY hungry and needs food immediately! One of the princesses doesn't seem to think a prayer of thanks at the table is always necessary and spends the duration of the prayer hushing the "pray-er"!!
There is so much action and inter-action it almost makes my head spin! I love every minute of it. It's a different kind of tired. The kind that feels good!
We are so blessed with all the additions to our family of four. Our sons-in-law are second to none and those grandbabies become more precious to us every year! I think what I love most about my family is that our Christmas is about being together as a family. Although we always exchange gifts we all (except for the little ones) know that if there were no gifts we would want to get together just as much as we do when there are gifts to exchange. We are so thankful for God's unspeakable gift to us and know that without Jesus there would be nothing to celebrate.
It's been the best Christmas ever! Really!


Anonymous said...

Your family sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

I found my way here finally! Great blog Elayne! I'll have to come back to it soon. I'm so glad your family made it home to celebrate Christmas with you this year. Cute little grandchildren you have!

Michele said...

Ahhhh so much fun! It's never long enough, but always a good time!