Friday, August 31, 2012

...across the room for summer fun....

Our Granddaughter is much shorter than we are and
 sometimes misses parts that should be included :)

The other side of us
After a rather long absence from this blog I'm not sure I have any followers left so here is a token post to let you know I haven't left the planet.  It's just been a busy few months for us.

Our summer included having grandbabies over for a week; attending a wedding where our Granddaughter gave the official photographer a run for his money, and the traditional summer motorbike in July and one in August.

I tend to post a lot of biking pictures and thought I needed to let you know we're not always sporting helmet head or leather gear and yet I notice my guy is wearing a leather blazer on our "dress up" picture!  Once a biker, always a biker I guess!

I have always enjoyed a variety of roads as I ride my bike....the openness of the desert, the prairies,  and the challenge of the mountain passes.  This year I realized that I am most drawn to the mountains when it comes to biking.  I would rather ride the passes, curves and switch backs than anything else.  Travelling these roads often means that by evening we are no where near the comforts of the big city hotels with the comfortable homey rooms and king beds.  In fact, more often than not it means settling for a cabin or a small motel with nothing bigger than a double bed!  Perhaps even settling in at a rather deserted ski resort in the mountains!  When I found myself getting a tad grumpy this year after a few nights in a small bed I decided that I needed to make a decision about how we travel.  We could stick to the more congested main highways and get a nice big comfy room and bed every night or we could ride those beautiful scenic roads and put up with a little discomfort at the end of the day and I decided I would stop grumbling and enjoy the ride during the day as well as the tiny motel rooms at night.  For my guy it's a no brainer....he loves the mountains more than a fancy hotel room and after this vacation it seems I do too!

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Sounds like you had a good ride!