Friday, November 25, 2011

...across the room to wrap up an amazing day....

Some days are just so amazing in every way. Yesterday I thought to myself I really needed to be more scheduled in order to get things done around here. It didn't happen. I find it difficult to schedule a hopelessly spontaneous soul (that would be me!). It is possible for a short time and then suddenly I feel like I'm suffocating and the schedule gets tossed out the window. Thankfully I forgot to get out my dusty schedule thingy yesterday making this day totally spontaneous!

I felt my energy the minute I woke up and knew immediately this day would be extraordinary. Starting the day off with two slices of yummy toast topped with some good cheese and a delicious strong cup of coffee got me started on the right foot. An encouraging inspirational reading about gratitude and a thankful heart in every situation prepared me further for my day. It was easy to thank God for a friend to walk with in the morning all the way to a downtown coffee shop where we shared a fresh cinnamon bun, YES, WITH butter, and freshly brewed cups of coffee. On our way downtown we walked past a neighbours house and noticed the front door was open and that one of their two dogs was outside, following us until we persuaded him to go back home. We were surprised to see nothing had changed when we walked past the house again an hour later. It disturbed me enough to call my next door neighbour to come with me to investigate further. We rang the door bell, called loudly to see if anyone was inside while the dog inside the house barked furiously and the other dog jumped on us barking and growling all the while. Finally I decided to call the police. While we waited for them to arrive we had to keep chasing the more adventurous of the two dogs back into the house! The police investigated the home and found no one there. It would seem the door was not properly latched allowing our gale force winds today to blow it open. Apparently it was their second call of the day where this had happened.

Had I made up a schedule yesterday it would have most likely had me out and about picking up a new tube of toothpaste so I wouldn't have to keep using my husband's toothpaste; a trip to the post office; doing some church duties I need to get done before the end of the month; catching up with some reading I need to get done for next week; and the list goes on! Instead I started cleaning my bathroom, decided to do a really thorough job this time including washing walls, bathing the tree that's been collecting dust in one corner, cleaning light fixtures, dusting shelves and putting up my nice red towels I use only during the Christmas season. Since I had my ladder out anyway I decided to move into our bedroom to dust everything I can't reach any other way; bathed the plant on top of my armoire since I was up there dusting anyway; vacuumed the baseboards, floors and anything else that was attached to something and unable to get sucked into a vacuum hose. Then I opened my closet doors and began purging, continuing in the armoire. Two full large garbage bags later it still looked like very little had been removed from my closet. My armoire now looks orderly enough not to be embarrassed should I need to open it with someone looking over my shoulder! My closets are another story.

By this time I was shakey and somewhat dizzy (after all, when is the last time I've been up and down a ladder 37 times or hanging upside down to get every speck of dust visible to the naked eye!) I grabbed a quick sandwich and finished the last of the coffee I made this morning. Of course it was cold. And VERY ......... not good! But it was wet and didn't steal precious minutes needed to continue whatever I decided I would like to do next. What I decided to do next was vacuum the rest of the baseboards in the house, the brick on the fireplace, venetians, and again, anything permanently attached that couldn't get sucked up by a vacuum. I continued my obsessiveness throughout the TV room, kitchen and eating area ending up in the laundry room. My obsessive compulsive kick got me sticking the hose between the washer and the wall and that is when I heard that sound that nobody wants to hear where the end of the hose suddenly goes deafeningly quiet and the pitch from the unit in the furnace room suddenly sounds like a screaming cat in heat. When my husband came home I met him at the door with "how do you know whether something is stuck in the hose or in the pipes of the vacuum system?" (well that was after he told me how nice I looked in the bright teal blue top I was wearing :)

There is not one article of clothing in the laundry baskets (although there are probably 13 shirts waiting to be ironed!); I had a home made pizza in the freezer for our movie night at home so neither of us had to go pick one up somewhere across the city; and I just simply feel like WONDER WOMAN with a permanent smile on her face today! All because I just followed my instincts and for a change did what I just simply felt like doing!

Some days are just simply more amazing than others!


Renita said...

I'm absolutely EXHAUSTED.....just READING about your day! :)

To me, the only FUN and amazing activity was your time spent solving that mystery down the street! (There's that dark area way down deep inside me that was hoping you'd stumble upon some grizzly crime scene. LOL! And yet, I'm glad it all turned out well)

May your weekend be much less activity-filled. Rest and be blessed my friend!

Elayne said...

Fancy that! I wasn't tired at all! LOL!

I was afraid it might turn out to be a grizzly awful scene at that house but I am so glad it was not!

Brautkleider said...

Ich liebe Ihren Posten!

Elayne said...

Danke...ich sprechen nicht sehr gut Deutsch!

Brooke said...


Your post prompted me to give our bathrooms a really good cleaning (baseboards included!) Thanks for the inspiration to get moving!

Elayne said...

Thanks Brooke! So happy to be an inspiration. Bet your bathrooms look and smell fabulous! Now you can walk around in your condo (like your Mom and I both have often done) exclaiming "I LOVE my house!" :)

Jim said...
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