Wednesday, May 12, 2010

...across the room to change some habits....

I have recently had to make some changes in my life. Believe me, I knew for quite some time now that I needed to make these changes but until recently I just never thought I needed to become fanatical about it and therefore did not take the matter seriously. That is, until one day I developed some physical symptoms that stopped me in my tracks. I monitored myself carefully for the next week or so but the symptoms persisted. In fact, they were troubling enough to call my doctor one day to request a session with her "to talk". I suppose I sounded desperate enough to get my appointment that same day.
Together we decided on a plan of action and from that day on I have made some changes in my life. These changes were made immediately with little room to "mess up" or I'm right back where I started.
It got me thinking about habits. Habits are hard to break, there's no doubt about that. I even searched the internet to see what materials were available and was rather surprised at all the help out there. It doesn't seem to matter what we struggle with, someone will have come up with a formula for whatever plagues us. I remember years ago reading books on prayer. How to pray more effectively. Thinking back I wonder if the message was not more to the tune of "how to pray so you can get what you want". At least so it seems to me. I finally got so frustrated with all the books on prayer I just sat down on a chair one day and talked to God. How refreshing! I've never looked back! I just simply enjoy my conversations with God in a natural way, in the same English language I speak to everyone else! It's so easy!
Today I feel the same way about these new changes I'm making. Habits of sorts. It's easy to change a habit when you know that if you slide back into the old routine something not very nice is going to happen to you! And it will happen immediately. It's so different from knowing that if you constantly over eat you may very well develop diabetes later in life, or some other illness that will make your quality of life difficult some day. It's easy to ignore all the warnings because they don't affect us immediately. I have often tried to break a habit or make some kind of change and have failed many, many times. Yet, this time, there was an urgency about making the change so that I would feel better, stay out of danger, and be able to continue doing all the things I wanted to do. It was a no brainer; I made the changes and it has been easy.
I hope this is a good lesson for me to make some other changes, break some other habits that could affect me down the road and just simply do it for my own good!


Jobina said...

So true, if there aren't crazy immediate consequences then it's so much harder to break those habits! I'm trying to make changes right now too and feel like I'm failing miserably...thanks for the post Mom, it's good to know that others are having to better themselves too!

Anonymous said...

I don't know of anyone that couldn't come up with some thing they need to change or some habit they need to break. We all do struggle with some thing (s). I know what you are referring to and I hope you will cut yourself a little slack because your situation is temporary. That little guy will eventually have some sort of a schedule that will make your life a little easier and give you a bit more time to work on these changes. I love you oh daughter of mine!!