Tuesday, March 16, 2010

...across the room to share R.J. and T.J. with you.....

Time for another post although I have to admit I am more tired tonight than I was last time I made an entry. Babies really do rule homes. They dictate if and when you eat, brush your teeth, sleep, shower, answer the phone, dress, respond to the doorbell, and go to the bathroom. They come first and that is how it is. So how is it we put up with these little dictators? Because they are just so unbelievably adorable, sweet, helpless, dependent and fun to watch! Every twitch of the face and movement of the body is different from any other baby and the three adults in this home could sit and watch this five day old newcomer for hours.
However there is a seven year old (R.J.) and a five year old (T.J.) in this home as well and I have to say they are equally precious and entertaining. Like yesterday when I was trying to explain something to T.J. and she admonished me with "Nana, can you be more pis-tif-ick (specific)?" And today when she hid from me in the park as we were waiting for the school bus I stood behind a tree to play the game with her not knowing that she thought I had left and she was alone in the park. We talked about it; I listened as she scolded me for hiding behind the tree and then I explained that I knew she was trying to hide from me but she needed to stick close to Nana while waiting for the school bus and not run off like that. I asked her what she was doing behind the statue and she said "I was praying" after which she said "Amen! Because I did not say amen yet!" Tonight I helped her say her bedtime prayer and she prayed "Please help Nana not to hide from me again and I'm sorry for doing it in the first place! AMEN!" T.J. and I perform concerts for each other by playing her toy guitar. We make up our own songs, words and melodies. My favourite song of hers is a "God Song" and goes something like this: "I know that You are here, I know that You love me, thank you for my health and thank you for myself; You are always faithful and hell is not!"
Big brother R.J. is the perfect little man! So considerate and full of life! On the way to the bus today I asked him what his favourite thing about school is. He named off a ream of specifics followed by "Oh, I guess I like EVERYTHING about school!" The temps this morning were lower than I thought they would be. He observed that I was somewhat chilly as I walked beside him with my hands in my jacket pockets. We hadn't walked far when he held out his hand for mine and as we walked hand in hand he asked "There, are you a little warmer now, Nana?" I had only spent one night here when he wanted to know whether the mattress I was sleeping on was comfortable enough, "Because if it is not I want to offer my bed to you" he said.
They've turned my heart into a puddle and I'm sure I would do anything for these interesting and precious little people in my life! I feel so fortunate that my kids would have me in their home for an entire month; that I am in a position to be able to do this kind of thing and that my husband supports my desire to be with our daughter and her family right now even though it means he is left to do all the things I usually do at home. Children (and grandchildren) truly are a very precious gift from God and I feel BLESSED beyond words!


Anonymous said...

Mom, I honestly have no idea how we could have done this without you! You are so welcome here and I'm just amazed at how you have sacrificed so much the last few weeks to be here and to help us. Somehow though you feel blessed you are also passing blessing onto others...thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is ...... :)

You are blessed indeed, and in turn you bless me!


Michele said...

It's so awesome that you get to spend this time with Mark, Jobina, and kids. Enjoy every minute! I miss you much and I wish I was there! LOVE YOU!!! What an awesome Mom/Nana you are!

Joyce D. said...

yes you sure are awsome!!They sure are cute and smart!I love the stories and remarks they made.
I am also nanna ,to my 2 grandkids(3&12) We will be grandparenting again next week,in Regina.First we'll go to the 12 yr.old's final basketball game on Wednesday and then stay with them for the weekend,as the parents are away!!We love being with them.But we don't always realize how fast they grow up and then nanna and gramps are not quite as important ,right?So we take all the oppertunity we can.Good for you that you can help your girls in this way!