Monday, November 23, 2009

...across the room to encourage you.....

I was reading a book this week and in it was the account of Jesus telling Peter that he would betray Him. Peter who loved Jesus very much was shocked that Jesus would say this to him and of course denied that he would ever do such a thing. We would too, wouldn't we? We are no different from Peter. When all is well with us, things are going great, we're up on the mountain with Jesus we can't imagine our relationship with Him any different, any less, only more.
The author pointed out that Jesus knows our weaknesses. We think we are strong in our faith and yet we fail again and again to love God the way He deserves to be loved and honored. She talks about how Jesus appeared to His disciples after the resurrection and made breakfast for them by the lake. They had all fallen away from Him when the going got rough and this is how He responded to them! Breakfast at the lake!
After breakfast He asks Peter "do you love me more than these?" three times and each time Peter responds with a positive "Yes! I love you!" Of course Jesus already knew that Peter loved Him but Peter needed to be reminded that despite his betrayal, his love for Jesus was real and secure.
The author encourages her readers "...don't let the shame of bad behaviour or a lapse in your faith keep you from intimate time with Christ and being used for His glory. Do you love Him? Do you love Him? Do you love Him?"
Such a great reminder that God never gives up on us, isn't it? HE LOVES YOU! HE LOVES YOU! HE LOVES YOU! So if you need to.....pick up where you left Him, fix your eyes on Him, and get going! :)


Michele said...

How did you know that's what I needed to hear? I've felt so discouraged, so disconnected, I felt like giving up on everything...Sunday some people came and encouraged me without me seeking their help and today I read your post. God knows what we need and when we need it...AMEN!!!

Elayne said...

WOW! That's the neat thing about God. He uses other people to encourage us. He used His Word to encourage us. He is so innovative at encouraging us! So today, I thought I should share what I shared on my blog and there YOU are reading it, and that is just how God networks! LOL! Isn't it GREAT?!