Friday, January 23, 2009

....across the room to exercise self-control.....

At the start of a New Year I usually try to think about any changes I would like to make in my life and this year was no exception.  Towards the end of the year when I was looking at the storage space and closets in our home I got a little frustrated with all the "stuff" I have stored in the house and all the clothes in my closet.  I enjoy shopping unique little shops and often end up picking up items I haven't even thought about buying simply because I like what I see.  This led me to make the decision to curb my spending for this year to buy only items we really need.  No strict rules really, just a conscious effort to be careful with my money and not buy things I haven't even thought about (and probably don't need).  I thought another bonus here would be that it would free up quite a bit of my time so I could get going on some projects that have been untouched for a long time.  The problem with that is that often I'm in the shops for relaxation.  It takes my mind off something I might need a break from and takes me into the public without actually having to interact with anyone.  In other words I can be alone yet be with people!  I know we're barely into the New Year but I've had great opportunities to exercise my self-control.  Yesterday I was at Winner's (not exactly a unique little shop, I know!) trying on tops, slacks and jeans and when I had satisfied my "fix" I left the store empty handed!!  What a powerful feeling!  I saw all kinds of things I liked enough to buy but realized I didn't NEED any of it and walked away from it all with no regrets at all!  Last year I would have probably gone to Starbucks for a coffee after a shopping spree but yesterday I decided I could go home and make coffee there.  I did and then invited a friend to join me!  I just can't wait how this will affect the rest of my year (not to mention how much money I'll have in my account at the end of the year!!)  However, if I keep going for lunch with my friends and paying $5.50 for a pot of tea like I did today I may be in the red at the end of the year!  Are you reading this, Renita????? 


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Renita, getting singled out in your blog! That's hilarious!

I often go shopping and fill my cart full of items only to leave the whole cart in the store and walk out empty handed. Just the act of putting things in a cart is enough for me to feel like I have really shopped! Other times I'll still need to buy some things I've put in the cart, but I'll stop just before I get to the cashier and look over every item to make sure it's something that's really necessary. I usually end up putting half the things in my cart away before going to pay.

Good for you for finding something to work on this year! I'll be interested at the end of the year to hear how you think you did!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to take you shopping Elayne to see how "strong" you really are!!!!
Guess Who?

Jobina said...

just yesterday I practiced this Mom! I DID have to get the four pillows I found on sale for $2.97 each for our couches though. When you've been looking for something for a long time but your just too cheap to actually buy it, then you find it on sale that's different right??!!
Enjoy your new found freedom to shop but not drop any cash. Get it, shop but not drop! Haha!

Elayne said...

Michele I hope you put things back where they were, you naughty person!! Ha!
Oh Anonymous! I KNOW who you are!! You can't fool me!
Jobina....are those RED pillows you found? Because WHEN I find some I will definitely be buying. I've been looking for them for a long time but I'm very picky about the shade of red. I think you did very well by the way!
No longer will I SHOP 'til I DROP!! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! Are you blaming ME for the $5.50 tea which only YOU had?! I have to admit that was a very expensive lunch so NEXT time we'll go where we can go TWO times for the price we paid for this ONE time. I enjoy being frugal as well and even sometimes have to watch that I don't take pride in being CHEAP!! Between my German background and my husband's traditional Scottish background, we often get REALLY good deals and our kids .... more than once..... have rolled their eyes at our escapades. So I'll be your helper in saving moollaa! (Renita)

Elayne said...

I TRIED to share that tea with you Renita but no way. You were sticking to the free water!!! (nothing's REALLY free in there, is it?!)