Friday, June 20, 2008

...across the room to Halifax!!

My hubby was going to Halifax for a conference this year and I decided the opportunity for some R 'n R for me  was too good to pass up!  We've just returned from our week on the east coast. My schedule the past six weeks had left me rather sleep deprived so while he was busy attending sessions I slept until I could sleep no more.  Between naps I got re-acquainted with downtown Halifax.  I walked EVERYWHERE and if you know Halifax you will know that there  are NO level streets there!  I was so thankful for my habit of walking every day this last winter.  Even so, I had to keep doing stretches to keep limber.                                        Last time we were in Halifax I was so enthralled with the scenery and I was this time as well, however I found myself taking note of the people more this time.  They are refreshingly friendly and interesting.  Waiters and waitresses, store clerks and hotel staff were helpful, gracious and seemed to be happy with their jobs.  We found drivers to be extremely courteous to one another as well as to pedestrians.  Personally I found the street people in Halifax to be particularly entertaining and fun.  Because we spent a week there and I did so much walking I often saw the same people and I know they were beginning to recognize me as well.  When we didn't donate anything to them (after awhile you run out of change!!) they would say things like "I accept bills!", and "I accept credit cards!" or "I give tax receipts!"  One lady I saw often as she sat on the street corner held out her donation cup to me and when she saw she wasn't getting anything that time she said "How about giving me your coffee to go with my sandwich?"  We both had a good laugh and I went on my way, gripping my cup just a little bit tighter!  I was not about to give up my Starbucks Java for anyone first thing in the morning!!
In case you've started packing your bags for a move east to this perfect city, be warned!! ... it seems that anything loud going on at the water front carries all the way up to the citadel and these easterners like it LOUD!  When they finally turn off the speakers for the night everyone makes their way up the hill.  Nobody is in a hurry.  There's lots of loud chattering, laughing, joking and singing to share with their friends.  Since we liked to sleep with our window open it's no wonder I had to keep napping during the day!!
Not too far from our hotel was the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral.  Since I had Sunday morning to myself I decided to worship there.  The beauty of this building is breath taking. The gorgeous stained glass windows become even more exquisite as the sun shines through them.  I love pillars and there was no shortage in this sanctuary which seems to go on forever!   I especially noticed the respect and reverence in this place ..... something I often find lacking in churches these days.  The music was beautiful and the singing hearty.  One song in particular gripped me so that I copied it to take home.  Here it is (I'm not sure the words are exactly right but they are close):
Lord Jesus we must know You if we would make You known
For how can we proclaim You but by Your grace alone.
We long to know Your fullness, Your life of risen power.
For You alone can answer the challenge of this hour.
Our broken world is seeking what only You can give.
Our words may go unheeded but not the way we live.
O Saviour live within us, Your life so strong, so true.
That others touched with wonder may seek and worship You.
Lord Jesus by Your Spirit, renew Your church we pray.
'Til what we are makes valid the truth of what we say.
So truly may we know You, So make Your life our own.
That we become so like you our lives must make you known.
I love Halifax and will look forward to going back some time.  Hopefully we will find ourselves seeing this beautiful city on two wheels next time!!


Jobina said...

That sounds like such a great trip Mom! Hmm, we have friends trying to get us to move to Halifax...

Michele said...

LOVE that song!!! Glad you had an awesome time...sounds like my kind of town!

Stacey said...

I loved Halifax! It is still one of my favorite Canadian cities. I thought the restaurants were great too. Yeah you get a good workout on those streets don't ya?

The church experience sounds wonderful!
p.s. I like your hair like that!

Mark said...

I am jealous, I have a friend who keeps telling me I need to move to Halifax. Maybe we'll have to go there next summer!