Saturday, December 15, 2012

...across the room to do what we can....

I see the finger pointing has begun,  the name calling is getting ugly, and the search is on for someone to take the blame for the loss of all the little lives and adults in the recent school shooting.

We all know who did the deed but since he also did it to himself there will be no life imprisonment, no posse needed, no lynching for all to watch, no electric switch to push.  There will be no way to get even, revenge or satisfaction.  Since this is all we have and all there is, what does the public do with all the anger?

It seems most are looking for someone else to blame and as usual it would seem God is the most likely target.  God who is holy, all good and completely just; who sent His very own Son to earth from heaven during this very season we are in, knowing full well that soon enough the posse would be after Him, and the people gathered for the lynching would be the same people His Son would sacrifice His body and life for gets blamed for the most awful grotesque and evil acts on earth.  God, who in His great love and mercy provides freely the gift of redemption, salvation and eternity with Him to EVERYONE gets blamed once more for yet another senseless act.

I don't know what provoked this young man to do what he did but I have to wonder what kind of life he lived, what his situation was, and what caused him to think this was the only thing left for him to do.

The God I know and love did not move this young man to brutally take these lives.  There is one roaming this earth though that would do that.  The Bible refers to Him as the father of all lies, prince of demons, and adversary among other names.  He roams the earth seeking whom he may devour.  He is a spirit and looks for those who make themselves available to him and he is all about evil (but is able to disguise himself so he ends up looking like he is doing good)  He would have no problem convincing someone to kill little children and this would be just the time of year he would like to see something like this happen to stir people up to focus on hatred and evil so that they will not have time to think about the greatest Gift that has ever been given.

My greatest wish is that Christians everywhere would remember there are no words for the families left to mourn their loved ones; no pat answers to make them feel better.  The greatest gift we can give them is our love as we pray for them without ceasing this Christmas season.


Renita said...

I have no words to add except AMEN. My prayers for all family and friends are added to the millions of prayers being uttered for these sad, sad days.

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